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True Blood Season 5 Revealed 7 New,Crazy Spoilers From The Set

True Blood season 5 revealed 7 new,crazy spoilers from the set. Hey guys. As previously reported, True Blood season 5 is currently filming in Los Angeles,CA,and now,there are a ton of new spoiler teasers popping up all over the place,via casting calls and scene descriptions. We’ve gathered seven new ones that sound pretty interesting,so lets just get right to it.

First off, they’re looking to cast a photo double who has LONG Blonde hair, 5’8, waist 26, bra size 34C, and shoe size 9. They specified that the person must be these sizes exactly as she will be wearing the actresses clothing. She should also be comfortable playing a corpse with blood in her hair.

They’re also looking for a few featured Guys and Girls to play Frat Guys and Sorority Girls. The people must be comfortable interacting with the Principles, and also for some people with Newer American Cars that are in REALLY good condition: Newer Mustangs, Chargers etc.

Next, they are looking for a woman to play a naked corpse. There will be extensive body make up, as well as fake blood to imply she was killed by vampires. This scene takes place in 1905, so they are looking for a woman who has not had a breast job or ANY plastic surgery. They are also looking for a woman who is Not a size zero. Women back then were definitely more curvy. Having a Belly is great for this one. Dress size between 8-14. They are looking for a character woman. The more unattractive the picture, the better.

They are also looking for topless women to work in a brothel. The women will be ages 18 to 45 years old. It’s going to be a flashback scene to the 1900s,so the women need to have natural breasts with no plastic surgery. They need to be comfortable walking around the brothel in skimpy,sexy outfits,and breasts exposed. They also want unattractive women for this. Hmm,That doesn’t sound too good.

They also want a couple of guys to play Johns in the Brothel,who are 18 to 65 years old. The scenes will take place in the 1900s. The guys will have to walk around in boxer shorts,and must be comfortable around nudity, or possibly sexual situations.

Next,they are looking for a very featured character lady who is 25 to 60 years old. The character is manic depressive and crazy. The scene will be a very funny featured bit. It was also revealed that there’s going to be a big car explosion that goes down this season.

So,it looks like were definitely going to see more nudity this season,whether it’s attractive or not. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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