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Amazing Race 20 Eliminated No One In Episode 4 Tonight

Amazing Race 20 eliminated no one in episode 4 tonight. Tonight’s episode kicked off with the teams,finding out they had to fly to Turin,Italy. Once they arrived,they had to drive to the Lingotto building to get their next clue.

J.J. & Art got to do the “Fast Forward” challenge because they arrived first. In it, they had to land a remote control helicopter on top of a miniature building. They successfully completed the challenge,and it allowing them to skip all the other challenges,and go straight through to the pit stop.

The other teams did a Road Block challenge,where they had to repel down 120 feet drop. Then grab a clue in 2 minutes to get their next clue. Some of the other teams had to parallel park a Ford car correctly to get their next clue. Then they had to do some sort of coin challenge to get their next clue.

Rachel and Brendon anded up fighting just like they did on Big Brother,and threatened each other that they would quit the race. Apparently, Brendon got frustrated and yelled at Rachel during the car-parking challenge,and that ticked her off. After the Road Blocks, the teams ran into their detours. They got to choose to do either the “Clean Statue,” or “Name Salami” detour.

In the “Clean Statue” detour, the teams had to clean a statue to pristine condition to get their next clue. In the “Name Salami” detour, they had to taste salami. Then go to a different location,and name the salami correctly,based on what they tasted earlier to get their next clue. After the detours,the teams had to head to Piazza Costello,which was the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Big Brother Rachel started breaking down and crying again during the salami challenge because things didn’t go her way. Gosh, I swear,she acts like a 3 year old. Anyways, J.J. & Art arrived in first place,and won $5,000 each. Rachel & Dave arrived in 2nd place,Joey & Danny arrived in 3rd place,Ralph & Vanessa arrived in 4th place.

Jamie & Nary arrived in 5th place,Rachel & Brendon arrived in 6th place,Stacy & Kerri arrived in 7th place,and Bopper & Mark showed up last,but it was a non-elimination leg,so they’re still in it,barely. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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