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Bachelor 2012 Ben Confirmed Marriage Proposal To Courtney In Finale Ep 12 Tonight

Bachelor 2012 Ben confirmed marriage proposal to Courtney in finale ep 12 tonight. Tonight’s episode kicked off with Lindzi coming to meet Ben’s family. She was a little nervous at dinner. Then she talked 1 on 1 with Ben’s mother,and it seem to go well. Next, she talked with Ben’s sister. They talked about how “different” Courtney was from Lindzi,to put it nicely. Ben’s sister really liked Lindzi too,and got her stamp of approval.

Before Courtney even arrived,Ben’s sister and mom already felt red flags with her from what they had heard. After the break, Courtney showed up to meet Ben’s family,and they immediately started asking her questions about her behavior in the house,which made her feel uncomfortable.

Then she talked 1 on 1 with Ben’s sister,and completely lied to her about her behavior in the house. She also talked with Ben’s mother. Later on, Ben’s sister and mother seemed to really like Courtney,gave their approval of her,so she managed to fool them too. I guess being gullible runs in Ben’s family. Now,we know where he gets it from.

After the break, Ben’s family shockingly said, Courtney was more of what Ben was looking for,and pretty much steered him in her direction. Next, Ben went on a skiing date with Lindzi,and they had a deep conversation about being in love,expressing feelings,and all that cheesy stuff. They also had lots of skiing fun.

After the break, Ben had late-night drinks with Lindzi,and she opened up more with Ben,and told him,she loves him. Then they just stood around and kissed for an eternity,while Lindzi just kept telling Ben, “I love you.”

Next, Ben took Courtney on a helicopter ride over the Swiss Alps. Then they had a little picnic in the snow and chatted for a bit about how she got approval from his parents,and kissed. After that,they played around in the snow and went sledding.

Later on,Ben chatted 1 on 1 with Courtney back at her place. At one point, Courtney brought up the fact that she thinks Ben doubts her a little since his family questioned her relationship with the other girls in the house,and thought Ben might pick Lindzi over her. However,they eventually kissed goodnight.

Finally,after showing the women prepare for the big proposal day for 15 to 20 minutes, Lindzi showed up first,which is always a hidden clue that’s the one that gets rejected. Then Ben confirmed what’s been reported the entire season by telling Lindzi that he’s in love with someone else,that of course,being Courtney.

Lindzi was very sweet about the whole thing,and blamed herself for not giving Ben what he needed. She also told him to call her if things don’t work out with Courtney. After the break, Courtney rolled up in her helicopter. Then Ben got down on one knee to propose to Courtney,and she of course, accepted it and sealed it with a kiss. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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