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New Nikita Season 3 Spoilers Revealed By Producer

New Nikita season 3 spoilers revealed by producer. Recently,TV Line talked with Nikita showrunner Craig Silverstein,and he revealed a couple of new,season 3,spoiler teasers we can look forward to seeing.

First he revealed that Nikita will actually be running Division,not Ryan. However, Ryan will be doing all the office work,while Nikita partakes in more buttkicking action to keep the show interesting. Craig went on to say, “Ryan is the ideal person to head it up, and whether or not he becomes corrupted is a really interesting question,and we’ll see.”

Next, he revealed that evil Amanda will definitely be returning in the new season,and will be more dangerous than ever. He stated,Amanda is a ” vengeful person and she feels hurt by being thrown out of Division. I would say that if you thought Nikita was dangerous going rogue, Amanda is even more so.”

Also, Alex and Sean will further explore their romantic relationship. He also revealed that he’s not really sure were season 3 will pick up at the moment, because there’s so many directions it could go in. Finally,he revealed that the show will be new in season 3,because it’s now a saga that will continues to grow. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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