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Survivor 25,Philippines Eliminated Angie Layton In Episode 3 Tonight

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Survivor 25,Philippines eliminated Angie Layton in episode 3 tonight. Tonight’s show kicked off with more commentary footage. Abi started to worry that she might be in trouble because of a knee injury she incurred. Roberta and Abi got into another fight over Abi’s insecurities. Roberta also started complaining to Mike about the fight. Abi told Pete that she an Roberta found the immunity idol clue,and wants to find it before Roberta.

Peter offered his protection to Lisa after revealing that their tribe is talking about voting her out. Jeff noticed that the emblem on top of the rice box is gone,making he and the rest of the tribe think Jonathan has the immunity idol,and they were pissed about it. Meanwhile,the Matsing tribe lost their raft.

After that, they showed immunity Challenge footage. In the challenge, the tribes had to dive in water to retrieve pieces for yet another puzzle. The first two tribes to complete it,won immunity along with a fishing kit as a reward. The Kalabaw tribe won. The Tandang tribe finished 2nd. Russell and the Matsing tribe finished last for the 3rd straight time in a row,and had to vote another person off.

Angie tried play against Russell’s lack of drive during the challenge to turn her tribe against him ,and hopefully save her for another week. Abi finally found the immunity idol before Roberta. Jonathan ended up telling Jeff,he found the immunity idol to take some heat off him.

Meanwhile, at Matsing,Malcolm was very upset the tribe lost again. Angie totally screwed up again,and Russell messed up as well. Both Angie and Russell’s names came up for elimination. Denise thought Angie should go,while Malcolm needed some convincing of that,since he’s been hooking up with her.

Russell was really worried that he might get ousted and started contemplating whether or not he should really be there. Angie really tried to convince Malcolm that Russell should get voted out.

Finally,Matsing headed to their tribal counsel meeting. Then talked game for a bit. Russell and Angie went at it as they were the ones being looked at to get voted off. Next, they casts their votes. Angie got 3 votes and Russell got 1 vote. So,with a vote of 3-1,super sexy Angie’s luck totally ran out. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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