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Survivor 25,Philippines Eliminated Jeff Kent In Episode 8 Tonight

Survivor 25,Philippines eliminated Jeff Kent in episode 8 tonight. Tonight’s episode kicked off with more conversation footage. Jonathan Penner was pissed that his old Tandang peeps turned on him in the voting at last Tribal counsel,and said, everybody’s equal to him from now on and he has no allegiance to anyone. Lisa revealed that everyone wants all the returning players Michael Skupin and Jonathan Penner out first.

Next, rewards challenge footage took place. They divided into two teams to collect 4 fish traps from the water,and then eventually piece together yet another puzzle for victory. The winning team won a big meal prize.

After a break, they showed more conversation footage,and there was still talk of trying to get Penner out again.Meanwhile, Penner tried to turn some of the focus on to other tribmembers in an effort to stick around longer. Lisa tried to plan a blindside of Malcolm with Michael. She told Michael, that Malcolm has an immunity idol.

Next, immunity challenge footage was shown. In the challenge,they had to go through an obstacle course,collect puzzle pieces,then complete the puzzle. Whoever did it first,won immunity. Penner pulled out the victory to save himself,once again.

Next, Michael Skupin’s name came up for elimination. However, Lisa tried to get Pete to blindside Malcolm by telling him,he had the immunity idol. Then Pete told Malcolm about it,and the plan,from that point, was to get rid of Jeff,because Pete thought he was a threat. Then Malcolm tried to turn the vote to get Pete out at the last minute. It was all over the place, heading into Tribal Counsel.

Once they got to tribal counsel,they talked game for a bit. Lisa was dumb and spilled all her plans to try and get Malcolm out. That caused both Abbie and Malcolm to go ahead and reveal, they had immunity idols,but they never played them. Then everyone casts their votes. Jeff ended up getting 5 votes, Pete got 4 votes, and Abbie got 1 vote.

So, with 5 votes, Jeff made his exit from a very confusing Survivor tonight. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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