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Survivor 25,Philippines Eliminated Artis Silvester In Episode 9 Tonight

Survivor 25,Philippines eliminated Artis Silvester in episode 9 tonight. Tonight’s episode kicked off with more conversation footage. Malcolm really impressed Lisa with how nice he was to her after she called him and his immunity idol out in the last tribal counsel meeting. Meanwhile,some of the other peeps were contemplating their next moves. Jonathan Penner still thought he was a dead man walking.

After a break, Penner worked his magic on Lisa with a heart to heart, chit chat,and it appeared to work as tears were shed and hugs were given. Next, they hit up the rewards challenge. In it, the tribe got split up into two teams. Went through an obstacle course to collect a couple of bags of balls. To cap it off, they had to shoot all 12 balls into a small basket.

The first team to do it,won. The red team with Malcom,Penner,Denise,and Carter won rewards,which consisted of another big,delicious meal with the natives of the area. Meanwhile, Carter made plans to get Skupin and Lisa to turn against their old Tandang peeps. Abbie wanted Penner to get voted out,and made that extremely clear to Lisa while insulting her. It got Lisa to thinking maybe she should bail on Tandang.

After a break, they showed immunity challenge footage. In it,they had to do a 6 ball balancing act on six spots of a paddle. It was really tough,and obviously, the first one to successfully balance the 6 balls on the 6 spots of the paddle without dropping any of them,won. Michael Skupin ended up pulling out the win for immunity,and Penner was still the elimination target.

Denise,Malcolm,and Carter wanted to still try and get Skupin and Lisa to turn on Abbie and the rest of the Tandang peeps,so they could keep Penner in. Penner also continued to work Lisa. Things were still up in the air,heading into Tribal counsel.

At tribal counsel, they talked game for a bit. Then they casts their votes. Penner ended up getting 4 votes, Artis got 5 votes. So whoa! They pulled out the blinside city on Artis. Penner’s plan to turn Lisa and Michael against Tandang,worked. Then they shifted the votes to get rid of Artis since he appeared to be the most-likely leader of Tandang. Wow! That was crazy. I loved it. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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