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Survivor 25,Philippines Eliminated Pete Yurkowski In Episode 10 Tonight

Survivor 25,Philippines eliminated Pete Yurkowski in episode 10 tonight. Tonight’s episode kicked off with more conversation footage. Abbie made an awful attempt at trying to reel Lisa back into their Tandang alliance after Lisa turned on them at the last tribal counsel meeting. Abbie’s attempts unsurprisingly didn’t work as Lisa didn’t like Abbie’s awful attitude and just outright rudeness,coupled with extreme paranoia.

Next, they headed to rewards challenge. In it,they were split into two teams,where they had to flip over weird drums. It was the strangest comp I’d ever seen. Anyways, the red team of Carter, Abbie,Malcolm,and Pete, won. For rewards, they got to enjoy a delicious chicken dinner plus a very relaxing massage outing.

After a break, they showed the rewards footage. Abbie started heavily getting on everyone’s nerves by bragging about how great her rewards trip was,and she would just never shut up. It was really weird. She has absolutely no filter. Denise definitely wanted to vote her out. At one point, Malcolm proposed a final four deal to Skupin and Lisa that would involve him and Denise,and they agreed to it after Penner didn’t want to commit to anything.

Next,the immunity challenge went down. It involved a huge three-part obstacle course. The first person to finish it,won. Carter stepped up,and pulled out the win for immunity,so he was safe this round.

Abbie and Pete wanted to send Malcolm home ,and oddly suggested it to Lisa,who ,unsurprisingly, turned them down. They also suggested it to Skupin,who started to think about doing it,because he saw Malcolm as a threat to win over him. Things were up in the air,heading into tribal counsel,and Malcolm was unsure if he should play his immunity idol.

At tribal counsel,they talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Abbie decided to play her immunity idol after everyone basically revealed that they thought she was a straight up bitch. Malcolm ended up getting 2 votes, Abbie got 3 votes,and Pete got 3 votes.

None of Abbie’s votes counted since she played her idol,leaving Pete the odd man out. So,he got to steppin,and I’m glad because he was responsible for framing that hottie ,RC,leading to her demise,so good riddance to that punk. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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