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Survivor 25,Philippines Eliminated Crazy Abi Maria Gomes In Episode 13 Tonight

Survivor 25,Philippines eliminated Crazy Abi Maria Gomes in episode 13 tonight. Tonight’s episode ,kicked off with new conversation footage which revealed that Malcolm wasn’t really fond of the type of person Lisa wants to try and take to the finals as she just wants to take someone she knows she can beat. Then Abi warned Lisa that she’s at the bottom of Denise,Skupin and Malcolm’s alliance,but Lisa didn’t believe her. Abi also revealed that she wanted to try and get rid of Malcolm.

Next, they headed to the “Rewards” challenge. The challenge consisted of a small obstacle course to get some rings and then toss them onto hooks. The first person to get all five of their rings onto the hooks,won. Skupin pulled out the victory and won pizza and soft drinks. He got to take two people with him ,and chose Malcolm and Lisa.

After that, Denise got stuck ,hanging with crazy Abi ,and Denise revealed that she just wanted to make it through the afternoon without hanging herself,lol!! Meanwhile, Skupin,Lisa,and Malcolm chomped away on pizza and soft drinks,went swimming,the whole nine yards. Also,Malcolm plotted with Skupin and Lisa for a final three deal,cutting Denise out of the picture,because he thought Denise would just be too tough to beat in the finals. However, Lisa revealed ,in private, that she may not be fully onboard and would betray it if a more enticing deal presented itself.

After a break, it was revealed that Denise may have gotten bit by something,and it was causing her great pain just before heading into the immunity challenge. The immunity challenge consisted of a plank walk. Then they had to assemble a puzzle. The first one to complete it,won,and Malcolm came back from way behind after falling off the plank, to pull out the victory. It was amazing.

Afterwards, both Abi and Denise’s names came up for elimination,and it remained a toss-up heading into the tribal counsel. Once there, they talked game for a bit. Abi ran her rude-ass mouth some more,calling Skupin an idiot and a moron. Then they casts their votes . Abi got 3 votes and Denise got 1 vote. So, with a vote of 3 -1 ,Abi’s big fat mouth got her ousted in episode 13.

At one point,it did appear that she had Skupin convinced that she should be the one to go to the finals ,but after calling him and idiot and moron at the tribal counsel, had to be the thing that put the nails in her coffin. Anyways,stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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