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New Thor 2,Dark World Major Action Spoilers & More Dished By Goddess Sif Actress

New Thor 2,Dark World major action spoilers & more dished by Goddess Sif actress. Recently, Collider got to chat it up with “Thor 2: The Dark World,” Goddess Sif star Jaimie Alexander,and she revealed some awesome,new,action spoiler teasers for the flick. It turns out that it’s going to be quite dark,and more

First, Jaimie revealed that the Thor 2 action scenes were very aggressive,stating, “The training I did for Thor was much more aggressive. With Thor, it’s a heightened sense of reality. It’s a huge fantasy film and with that, a lot of the movements are over-the-top and big and very much like a dream sequence.”

After that,she contrasted the differences between directors of part 1 and 2,along with revealing Thor 2 is going to be much darker. She stated, “ Alan, I feel like the second installment of Thor is much darker, much more rooted in what’s going on in the soul, whereas Ken’s version definitely had that soulfulness but was also lighter and there’s an elegance to his film. They’re so different, it’s hard to explain because they’re both very different in a positive way.”

Next, she revealed that she recovered from her Thor 2 set injury pretty fast,stating, ” Yes! I am fantastic. I didn’t think I could recover that fast, but then I said, “You know what? Screw that. I’ll get back to it.” And I’m back!”

We’re also going to get to learn more about Sif and Thor’s relationship in 2nd installment. Jaimie explained, “I do, a little bit. You get to experience more of who she is on the inside. You get to see her in a more feminine way and we do explore the Thor/Sif relationship a little bit. That was fun.”

Sif will also serve up more action in the new flick. Jaimie stated, “Oh, I definitely have action. But there are scenes, we have a few scenes where we don’t have any action at all and it was actually a lot of fun to play that because you’re not hiding behind a sword or an explosion, it’s just here, in your face. It was nice to see who she really is and that sort of thing. It was fun.”

Lastly,she revealed what it was like to shoot Thor 2 on International grounds this time, stating, “So much of this film is the set and the locations that we were in, they’re almost like a character themselves. We filmed in an area called Bourne Wood outside of London and just some of the most beautiful rolling hills with green gorgeous trees.

It added some sort of majestic feel to it that maybe wasn’t there 100% on the set inside a studio in California. Obviously when we went to New Mexico for the first one, that…New Mexico to me is just magic, that’s where we filmed The Last Stand, so I was very happy to be there again.” Stay tuned. Part 2 hits theaters on November 8th,2013. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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