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Bachelor 2013 Eliminated Kacie B,Kristy,& Taryn In Episode 3 Tonight

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Bachelor 2013 eliminated Kacie B,Kristy,& Taryn in episode 3 tonight. Tonight’s episode kicked off with Sean ,taking Lesley Murphy out on a date to the Guinness World Record Attraction on Hollywood Blvd,and they ended up,breaking a world record of their own by performing the longest kiss of 3:15 seconds. In the 2nd part of the date ,they appeared to have a great chit chat,followed up by some heavy kissing action and cheesy flirting.

Next, Sean took 12 of the girls out on a group date to play volleyball. Then they got split into two teams. The winning team got to go on a part 2 date with Sean,while the other group had to go home and sulk in their tears. Kacie, Jackie, Desiree, Lindsay, Amanda, and Robyn won the game,which left Leslie, Kristy, Taryn, Daniella, Tierra, Catherine,and Lindsay as the big losers.

During the 2nd half of the group date, Kacie B dragged Sean off to the side to tattle on some supposed drama that may have gone down between Desiree and Amanda,and Sean totally called her out on why she was even directing her focus on what’s going on with the other girls.

Kacie tried to talk her way out of it,but Sean totally saw right through it,and wasn’t impressed at all. He basically ended the conversation by telling Kacie, to quit acting so got damn crazy. From there,Kacie was really worried about what she had done,and she should’ve been. Also,Lindsay got the early rose on the group date.

Then on the morning of the 1 on 1 date, clumsy Tierra took a nasty spill down the stairs,and she started yelling and screaming at the paramedics people when they arrived to take her,claiming she didn’t need to go. Then bounced up as if she had a miraculous recovery. That left the other girls wondering if she just faked it to get extra attention from Sean,and she probably did.

After all that, we were shown, Sean and AshLee Frazier’s 1 on 1 date,and he took her to Magic Mountain where they spent the day with two chronically ill teenagers ,and watched a performance by the Eli Young Band. On the 2nd part of the date,AshLee and Sean,chatted it up and had a great conversation. Then Sean gave her an early rose,coupled with lots of kissing.

From there, they showed Cocktail party footage,and it was very interesting as Kacie B tried to apologize to Sean for what happened earlier,but you could just tell the writing was already on the wall. Then,just before the rose ceremony started, Sean pulled Kacie aside and told her they were better off just being friends,which meant she got shafted ,and walked to the exit limo.

After that, Sean told the other girls,he ditched Kacie and handed out the roses. Tierra,Leslie H,Catherine,Daniella, Robyn,Selma,Sarah,Jackie, Amanda,and Desiree all got roses to join Lesley,AshLee,and Lindsay who received roses earlier in the show.

That left Kristy Kaminski and Taryn Daniels to join Kacie B on reject row. Stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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