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Bachelor 2013 Eliminated Selma,Daniella & Sarah In Episode 6 Tonight

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Bachelor 2013 eliminated Selma,Daniella & Sarah in episode 6 tonight. The show kicked off with Sean, taking Catherine Giudici on a snow truck ride on a glacier,and appeared to have a great time. On the 2nd half of the date, Sean and Catherine had a deep conversation, followed by deep kissing action. They also hit up an ice Castle,and Catherine snagged up an early rose.

Next, Sean took the girls: Sarah, Selma, Daniella, Lindsay, Lesley, AshLee, and Tierra on a group date to Lake Louise. Then Sean came up with the insane idea of them getting in some swimwear and jumping in the water in freezing cold temperatures. They called it the “Polar Bear Plunge.” Everything seemed to go great until crazy Tierra caught a bad case of hypothermia.

The paramedics had to be called in to thaw her frozen ass out so she wouldn’t freaking die. Some of the other women, suggested that it might have been an act,but who knows when it comes to Tierra? Anything’s possible,I guess. From my viewpoint,it looked real. She eventually thawed out and got more 1 on 1 time with Sean. However,she couldn’t continue the 2nd half of the group date.

Eventually,though,Tierra got dressed up and made it to the 2nd half of the group date before it ended,further making the other women think she faked her life-threatening hypothermia incident. Then Sean ended up giving an early rose to Lesley,and guess what, Tierra didn’t like it. Shocker. To close out the group date, Sean decided to go ahead and give the one-armed chick, Sarah Herron the boot. It was very sad,especially since she revealed that she’s heard the same speech a million times ,and she cried on the way out.

Next, Sean took Desiree out on a 1 on 1 date to the woodsy,outback,mountain area so they could repel down a huge mountain. Desiree was afraid at first,but she eventually went through with it. Afterwards, Sean and Desiree had a very deep conversation. Sean dug it,and gave her an early rose,along with major kissing action.

Then Sean ,chatted the final 8 women up some more at the cocktail party before giving two more women the boot at the rose ceremony. He finally passed out the roses. Lindsey, AshLee,Tierra all received roses to join Desiree,Lesley,and Catherine who received roses earlier in the show.

So, that left Selma Alameri and Daniella McBride fresh out of luck to join the very tear-ridden Sarah Herron who got ditched earlier. Stay tuned. We’ve got some more juicy spoilers ahead. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Tumblr by Clicking Here.

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