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Survivor 26,Fans Vs Favorites Eliminated Francesca Hogi In Episode 1 Tonight

Survivor 26,Fans vs Favorites eliminated Francesca Hogi in episode 1 tonight. Tonight’s premiere episode ,kicked off with a brief intro of the new Fans cast. Then they introduced the Favorites cast, which consisted of : Andrea Boehlke, Brandon Hantz, Brenda Lowe, Corinne Kaplan, Dawn Meehan, Erik Reichenbach, Francesca Hogi, John Cochran, Phillip Sheppard, and Malcolm Freberg.

From there, they quickly did their first rewards challenge,and the Favorites won it,leaving the Fans on the outs to set up their camp. Also, I really don’t understand how some of these people were brought back as favorites.

After a break, they showed some conversation footage .Francesca already started to get on Phillip’s nerves. Meanwhile, the Fans got all excited over making a fire. Phillip started making plans to get Corinne ,Andrea,Malcolm,John Cochran ,and Erik together for an alliance. However, Erik really didn’t want to roll with Phillip because he’s too controlling and actually called him a loser in a private interview.

On the Fans’ side, cocky Eddie said he and Hope were the best looking people on the island,and that he wanted to align with her. Also, they grouped up with Allie and Reynold. Then they finally showed immunity challenge footage,which consisted of a big obstacle course and tossing six bags into six slots. The first team to do it,won immunity. And OMG! The Fans made a huge comeback to pull out the win for the first immunity of the season.

After a break, more conversation footage went down. Francesca suggested getting rid of Phillip. Andrea went back and told Phillip about Francesca throwing Phillip’s name up for elimination. Brandon was really uneasy about Andrea because she was playing both sides. So, a group of people decided to switch their vote to get rid of Andrea just before they headed to tribal counsel.

Next, they showed tribal counsel footage. As usual, they talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Andrea ended up getting 4 votes,and Francesca got 6 votes. So, it looks like Phillip’s people had the numbers to get rid of Francesca and she was ousted ,first, for a 2nd time.

Quite frankly. I don’t even know why Francesca was brought back as a favorite as she went out,first in her previous season. Some other people must have dropped out at the last second or something. Anyways, stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Tumblr by Clicking Here.

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