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Survivor 26,Fans Vs Favorites Eliminated Psycho Brandon Hantz In Episode 5 Tonight

Survivor 26,Fans Vs Favorites eliminated psycho Brandon Hantz in episode 5 tonight. Tonight’s episode ,kicked off with more conversation footage. Reynold told the tribe, he gave up his immunity idol at the last tribal to clear the air,and that he just wanted to start all over and win challenges. Matt said, he didn’t trust Reynold and thought that he’ll probably just keep looking for another immunity idol.

Next, Brandon volunteered to get voted out if they have to go to tribal counsel,because he misses his family. What freaked everyone out is that he told them that he almost decided to pee on their rice and set the shelter on fire as an alternative to just telling them, he just wanted out. All I can say is , “crazy.”

Next, they showed rewards challenge footage. In the challenge, the tribes had to shoot coconuts into the other tribe’s basket in an effort to make it too heavy for the tribemembers holding it. The first tribe to drop all their baskets, lost. The Favorites ended up winning this one also to claim rewards,which was a nice barbecue meal.

After a break, all the Fans started looking for the immunity idol. However, Reynold ended up finding it again,and told his partner Eddie. Meanwhile, Brandon told Phillip, he was ticked off at him for bragging about helping the team win. From there, Philip wanted Brandon out of the game,and it seemed like the other tribemembers wanted him out as well.

Later, Brandon tried to apologize to Phillip,and Phillip acted like he accepted it,but told the private cams, the first chance he can get to eliminate Brandon from the game,he’s definitely taking it. Actually, Phillip pondered having the tribe throw the next immunity challenge just to get Brandon out. He told Andrea about it,first who then told Brandon. That caused Brandon to pull Phillip aside for another conversation.

From there, Brandon totally lost his freaking mind ,and sabotaged the camp,pouring everyone’s food out and kicked over some stuff. He basically just went ballistic. After all that madness, more madness ensued as Brandon decided to try and tell the other tribe,just before the immunity challenge started, that he was about to help them win.

Next, Brandon proceeded to blow up at everyone. Then host Jeff Probst, pulled him to the side to try and talk things out,but it was useless as Brandon just kept blowing up at Phillip and cussing like a madman. Also, the Favorites decided they wanted to forfeit the immunity challenge just so they could get Brandon out.

So, after much bickering back and forth, Jeff decided to just have the tribal counsel right there on the spot,which just has to be a first in the history of Survivor. To add to it,he had everyone say their votes out loud. Brandon,of course, voted for Phillip to go. Then everyone else voted for Brandon to go,lol!!!

So, with a vote of 8-1, Brandon was immediately eliminated and escorted away from the camp,because they were afraid he might do some more crazy shit. He also called Phillip a bitch on the way out,lol!! It was the craziest Survivor to date,I swear. Stay tuned.Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Tumblr by Clicking Here.

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