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Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Eliminated Omarosa In Episode 5 Tonight

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Celebrity Apprentice 2013 eliminated Omarosa in episode 5 tonight. Tonight’s show,kicked off with more conversation footage about Omarosa,escaping getting sent to the boardroom for firing for a 2nd time in a row. Next, Trump presented the teams with their tasks,which was to create original, three-dimensional artwork,and then sell it.

The winning team would win,based on the most amount of money,raised,plain and simple. Trump decided to make Trace Adkins switch over to team Power’s side,since they were down a person,and he definitely didn’t like it. Lil John was chosen to be project manager for team Power,and Lisa Rinna took over project manager duties for team Plan B.

From there, they show the teams going over their game plans for this task. Plan B was worried that Stephen Baldwin would not raise any money again for their team. At one point, adviser Piers Morgan, visited both the teams to get an idea of what everyone was up to.

After a break, they showed the two teams,collecting money for their artwork. Next, they showed boardroom footage. It was revealed that Stephen Baldwin only brought in $5,000 for Plan B. However, Stephen said, he was confused about the task ,and indicated that his buyers weren’t allowed to buy his artwork as the other team members sold it off before they could get around to buying it.

Team Power said a few words before Trump revealed that Plan B won the task,so team Power had to stick around in the boardroom and debate on who would be considered for firing. Omarosa thought Lil John should definitely be fired even though he raised the most amount of money,claiming he was too laid back and didn’t promote the art pieces well enough to get more cash. Brande thought Omarosa should be fired.

Ultimately, Dennis,Lil John,and Omarosa were bought back into the boardroom to battle it out for their spots. Piers was gunning for Omarosa to be fired,claiming she is not really a celebrity and can’t raise money. Lil John also thought Omarosa should be fired. Then Dennis and Omarosa bickered back and forth for at least 5 minutes or so before Trump finally made the decision to finally get rid of Omarosa,revealing that her luck had indeed ran its course. Stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Tumblr by Clicking Here.

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