Vampire Diaries Season 4 Matt To Finally Forgive Rebekah & More In Ep 19,New Spoiler | OnTheFlix

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Matt To Finally Forgive Rebekah & More In Ep 19,New Spoiler

Vampire Diaries season 4 Matt to finally forgive Rebekah & more in ep 19,new spoiler. Recently, Alloy Entertainment got to chat it up with actor ,Zach Roerig, who plays rare human,Matt Donovan on the very popular Vampire Diaries show,and it turns out that he had a few spoilers for the upcoming episode 19 of season 4, titled, “Pictures Of You.” It looks like we’ll see Matt actually help out in saving the day,along with possibly forgiving Rebekah for her dastardly deed against Elena at the end of season 3.

To start off the spoilery session,Zach revealed that Matt will be hitting up the big prom with Bonnie and Caroline,,stating, “Matt’s definitely going to have a much better time than he did at the Original ball. He’s going with a couple of really good friends [Editor's note: Caroline and Bonnie.] I can’t say too much, but it was exciting putting on a tux and seeing my cast mates in their beautiful dresses. Plus, Matt does have fun and even a hand in saving the day.”

From there, we learned that Matt may actually,finally forgive Rebekah. Zach explained, “I think that at some point Matt will understand why Rebekah caused the Wickery Bridge accident and acts the way she does. He has a couple of honest moments with her at prom. There’s still something there and we’ll see how that plays out.

I don’t think he’ll ever forget what she did but do I think he’ll forgive her? Yea, I do actually. At this point, everyone’s done a bunch of messed up things so everyone’s conscience is clouded. Moreover, everyone has a crazy rationale behind what that they did so a beautiful blonde girl could probably easily persuade Matt.”

Towards the end of the interview, we learned that Matt may end up having something to do with Elena ,deciding to become a good girl again. Zach stated, “Yes, Matt will always have a hand in bringing Elena back to her humanity because, in a way, that is what Matt is. He is Elena’s humanity.” Stay tuned. Also, Click Here to enter our new Vampire Diaries $1,000 Visa gift card giveaway drawing.

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