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Additional Vampire Diaries Season 4,Finale Spoilers Dished Out By Producer Julie Plec & EW

Additional Vampire Diaries season 4,finale spoilers dished out by Producer Julie Plec & EW. Recently, Vampire Diaries Executive Producer, Julie Plec, made her spoiler rounds again with Entertainment Weekly,and revealed some more,juicy,spoiler teasers for the upcoming season 4,finale episode,labeled, “Graduation.” And it turns out we’re going to see that Klaus will have a much more devastating plan in mind. Katherine and Elena are in for a major showdown,and more.

Julie kicked off the spoiler session by chatting about Klaus and how he won’t be informing Caroline of his Hayley preggers situation in the finale. She stated, “We don’t bring that back around because really, what Klaus and Caroline’s unfinished business is, of course, is his refusal to allow Tyler back into her life. We’ll resolve that before the season’s out.”

Next, we learned that Katherine and Elena are totally in for one hell of a major showdown,and we’re definitely going to see a winner come out of it. Julie explained, “When we stared breaking Katherine’s journey for the season, we knew we wanted to lead to a vampire confrontation between the two. The idea of having Elena finally being strong enough to at least put up a good fight felt like an opportunity we couldn’t miss.

I think Nina, as the hardest-working girl in show business this season, for sure, was just like, ‘Oh my god, this is gonna be difficult,’ but was really excited about it. She had to shoot the sequence on a Saturday, just her playing both roles, two stunt girls, a film crew, and a lot of knock-down-drag-out goodness.” Will there be a definitive winner? “Believe it or not, yes. There will be,” Plec says. “And it will not be pretty.” That’s definitely something I can’t wait to see.

To close things out, Julie revealed that Silas’ big plan is definitely going to leave a lasting impact,and more,stating, “We’ll see that he’s definitely up to somethin’ that will have a lasting impact. The Silas story takes a little bit of a left turn, and once the audience sees what happens there, they’ll start to understand where we might be going with it in season 5.” The finale episode is set to air this Thursday night,May 16th at 7pm central time on the CW. Stay tuned. Also,get cool,new “Vampire Diaries” TV Show stuff by Clicking Here.

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