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New Superman,Man Of Steel Faora,Superman Detailed Fight Scene Spoilers Revealed

New Superman,Man Of Steel Faora,Superman detailed fight scene spoilers revealed. As previously reported, Collider,hit up the set of the upcoming “Superman: Man Of Steel” super hero/action flick when it was filming,and now, they’ve gotten around to dropping some huge spoilery intel. In this particular segment, they revealed very specific details of a fight scene that goes down between Faora, Superman,and another villain. And it gets quite brutal,and more.

To kick off this section of the spoilers, they revealed that a scene is going to take place that involves Superman possibly discovering one of his powers for the very first time,and the scene is also loaded with tons of action. They said, “there is a big action set piece that takes place in Clark Kent’s hometown of Smallville. I’ll just say that the scene is loaded with action, and I believe it’s the first time we see one of Superman’s powers. It might be the first time Superman realizes he has it. But I can’t be sure.”

There’s also a big fight scene where Superman fights sexy Faora,along with another villain that was kept under wraps. At one point, Faora gets the better of Superman,but Superman retaliates,burning the hell out of her. They explained,” Superman was on the ground and was being held down and attacked by Faora and MCM (short for Motion-Capture Man). As they fought, he was definitely losing, and at one point he started to scream and that’s when he used his heat vision.

The way it unfolds, I could see that both Faora and MCM had no idea he could use his eyes to burn them, and they were clearly hurt. They also didn’t use the power on him.” After that, the military shows up on the scene to help fight the Kryptonians. “This may be a point in the movie where the Kryptoians have attacked Earth and the governments of the world feel that they all have to be eliminated, including Superman. But it’s just a guess.” Then the Kryptonians start throwing stuff at the military helicopters,hitting a few of them.

From there, they went on to describe the end of the Superman/Faora fight scene. At one point, “Superman slams Faora into the ground next to him and it looks like she might have passed out. He then punches or does something to MCM that causes him to be startled. As MCM is a bit dazzled, he grabs Faora and throws her body into MCM to gain a bit more space while still holding onto her. Once he gets a bit more space, he holds onto Faora, and takes off into the horizon. While we didn’t get to see him take off, I saw the pre-viz, and know that’s what happens.”

To cap things off,they basically,heavily reiterated that Man Of Steel is just filled with tons of action. So,if you wanted more action with Superman franchise, you’re most likely going to be heavily pleased with this. The movie is set to hit theaters on June 14th,2013. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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