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Big Brother 15 Put Up Kaitlin & Aaryn For Eviction Yesterday For Week 4

Big Brother 15 put up Kaitlin & Aaryn for eviction yesterday for week 4. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the eviction nominations took place yesterday afternoon,and the current HOH, Judd Daugherty, decided to just go with the house and nominate the lonely villain girl,Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction for Big Brother 15,week 4.

However, Judd told Aaryn & Kaitlin ahead of time, that he would nominate both of them,and also told them, they’re just pawns as they plan to backdoor someone else with the 3rd MVP nomination vote. But as we all know, that plan is already sketchy as hell since America is getting to vote for the 3rd nominee this week,and it could be anybody,so things will definitely get shaken up.

Additionally, new developments went down late last night as Howard has risen up with Spencer to form a new alliance with Judd, GinaMaire, and Kaitlin. Possible side-alliance would include Candice and Andy. They all want to band together to get rid of Helen,Elissa,McCrae,and Amanda as they feel they are making things personal. Howard formed it,claiming he didn’t like the way Helen and her squad turned against him after he came clean about the Moving Company,and what not.

He also took advantage of the current scatteredness in the house as the people he picked for the new alliance, all felt like outsiders to Helen,Elissa,Amanda,and McCrae’s little core alliance they’ve currently got going on. So, things should get interesting. Oh,and it also looks like the plan will be to get rid of Aaryn if she doesn’t win POV today,because she just keeps blabbing her mouth and creating negative energy in the house.

The MVP nomination and POV competition goes down later on today, so stay tuned or get the Big Brother 24 hour live feeds by Clicking Here.

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