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Survivor 27,Blood Vs Water Eliminated Laura Morett In Episode 5 Tonight

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Survivor 27,Blood Vs Water eliminated Laura Morett in episode 5 tonight. Tonight’s episode ,kicked off with more conversation footage. Caleb was seen, explaining why he pulled that fast one on Brad at the last tribal counsel. Then they showed Brad at Redemption Island with Candice and John. Brad apologized to John and Candice for the way things ended up. However, Candice told the private cams, she couldn’t wait to be able to get Brad permanently removed from the game.

Next, showed Redemption Island dual footage with Candice,John,and Brad. Monica offered to trade places with her husband ,Brad,but he told her not to,and that he’ll fight to get back in the game on his own. From there, they started their dual, which was another puzzle challenge of sorts. The first two to finish,got to stay alive.

John completed it first,again,and Brad just edged out Candice to take 2nd place,knocking Candice off the island for good. Once again, John had the opportunity to give the hidden immunity idol clue to someone, since he won the dual. He tried to give it to Monica ,again, but she burned it for a 2nd time after Brad told her to,lol!!

After a break, they showed more conversation footage. Vytas wanted to make sure Caleb felt very comfortable after the voting stunt he pulled at last tribal counsel. Next, they showed immunity challenge footage. It consisted of ride down a slide. Then tossing a ring onto a post. The first tribe to land five of their rings on their post, won. The Tadhana tribe of newbies, finally pulled out their first victory of the season over the Galang tribe of returning players. Along with immunity, the Tadhana tribe won a rewards steak dinner.

Next, they showed more conversation footage. Laura B’s name immediately came up for elimination, especially since she started acting weird, talking shit about people and stuff. Laura M’s name also got thrown around for elimination as they considered her to be a threat. After all that, they showed tribal counsel footage.

The tribe talked game for a bit before casting their votes. Laura B ended up getting 1 vote, and Laura M got 5 votes . So, with a vote of 5-1, Laura M got a major blindside as she definitely wasn’t expecting it. Like the ones who got voted off before her, she will have a chance to dual it out at Redemption Island with John and Brad for a chance to eventually get back in the game. Stay tuned. Also, find your favorite TV Show stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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