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Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Eliminated 9 Women In Episode 1 Tonight

Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo eliminated 9 women in episode 1 tonight. Tonight’s premiere episode, kicked off with the usual introduction to the new Bachelor, Juan Pablo. He talked about what he’s looking to achieve from this experience as if it weren’t obvious. Then we saw him chat it up with last year’s Bachelor ,Sean Lowe, to get some advice on how to handle dealing with all these crazy chicks.

From there, they introduced all the women with their little introduction video snippets. Next, host Chris Harrison, revealed to Juan that he was so freaking amazing that they had to expand the casting to include 27 ladies,because just about everyone wanted a crack at him. Next, they showed the traditional segment where the women got out of the limo to introduce themselves to Juan.

A few of the ladies showed up with some silly gimmicks. One girl rolled up with a piano. Another decided to wear a fake baby bump. So, yeah, that was interesting. In the next segment ,Juan chatted up the ladies at the opening cocktail party,and one of the women, Lauren Higginson, already revealed how emotionally unstable she was as she started balling over not being confident enough to get 1 on1 time with Juan. It turns out that she was really insecure because she just got dumped a couple of months ago, and should’ve gotten some therapy before going on a show like this. What the hell?

Anyways, there were some women who had their shit together. One of them was Sharleen Joynt as she got an early rose, but didn’t really feel like she should’ve, because she didn’t think she really connected with Juan like she wanted to. Finally after the last break, the rose ceremony took place,and Clare Crawley, Nikki Ferrell,Renee Oteri, Andi Dorfman, Alli Restko, Chantel Forrest, Kelly Travis ,Lauren Solomon, Cassandra Ferguson , Danielle Ronco, Chelsie Webster, Kat Hurd, Victoria Lima, Christy Hansen,Lucy Aragon, Elise Mosca, and Amy Long, all got roses to join Sharleen, who received a rose,earlier in the show.

Then poor: Maggie Gantt, Alexis Morgado, Kylie Lewis, Amy Jokinen, Lacy Faddoul, Ashley Poe, Christine Llano, Valerie Eredia, and Lauren Higginson didn’t get roses, so they had to leave for good to continue their search elsewhere I guess. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite TV Show stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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