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Bachelor 2014 Andi Dorfman Dumped Juan Pablo In Episode 9 Tonight

Bachelor 2014 Andi Dorfman dumped Juan Pablo in episode 9 tonight. Tonight’s episode kicked off with Juan Pablo and Clare,going on their romantic 1 on 1 date in beautiful St. Lucia. They appeared to have a wonderful time on the first half of their date. And on the 2nd half, Juan hit her up the fantasy suite card. Before Clare said yes, she wanted to make sure Juan wasn’t still feeling like he should hold back because of his daughter like before. Once they cleared that up , they kissed and talked in the fantasy suite, or at least, that’s all they showed.

After a break, they showed footage of Juan meeting up with Andi Dorfman for their 1 on 1 date. They went and played drums with the locals. Then they had lunch with some random kids. After that, they got in a game of soccer before taking a walk in the forest. They appeared to have the greatest time in the world.

During the 2nd part of their date, they talked a lot about whether Juan thought Andi would fit into his life, be a good mother, and what not before she agreed to do the whole fantasy suite thing. And everything seemed great at that point as well. Then the next morning, Juan told the private cams that he thought the overnight went well.

However, Andi had nothing but complaints about the overnight date,claiming Juan just talked about himself the whole time,and even brought up overnight moments he had with Clare, which really ticked her off. She said ,she just got an overall impression that Juan didn’t really care about her at all. And she had completely made up her mind that he was not the one for her.

Next, they showed footage of Juan going to hang out with Nikki Ferrell. They started off with some horseback riding. Then they talked and kissed on the beach. During the 2nd part of their date, Nikki accepted the overnight,fantasy suite where they talked some more ,and Nikki finally dropped the “I love You” bomb on Juan, which set up some more kissing action.

Next, Andi had the big talk with Juan about her newly found negative feelings for him. She kept trying to tell him that she didn’t feel he was being really genuine with her, and that he took her doubtful feelings a little bit too easy, because he just kept telling her, it’s fine if she doesn’t feel like she wants to be there anymore, and had a kind of nonchalant attitude.

As the conversation kept going, Andi just kept picking at his natural use of the word, “ok.” I actually kind of felt sorry for Juan because it seemed like he was really trying to understand Andi, but she just kept picking and nagging at him over language habits that he had. And I felt like he wasn’t really trying to come off as rude. Anyways, in the end, Andi chose to dump Juan and head for ze hillz.

After the final break, Juan told Nikki and Clare what went down with Andi before asking them to accept their roses, and they did. So, it’s just down to Nikki and Clare now. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite TV Show stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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