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Survivor 28,Cagayan Eliminated Morgan McLeod In Episode 7 Tonight,April 9th

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Survivor 28,Cagayan eliminated Morgan McLeod in episode 7 tonight,April 9th. Tonight’s show, kicked off with Spencer and a few others, expressing their anger at Kassandra for voting off Sarah at last tribal counsel. A Kass and Morgan feud was highlighted. It turns out that they want to get each other out of the game, so we’ll see how that plays out, I guess.

Next, they showed Rewards Challenge footage. They where divided into two teams to complete another obstacle and puzzle challenge. The winning team won an Outback Steakhouse meal and dessert. After all that was over with, they showed more conversation footage. Tony went searching for another hidden immunity idol while the people who won the challenge, went and ate their asses off at the Steak House. Spencer found a hidden immunity idol clue.

As soon as Spencer got back to camp, he went searching for the idol with the help of his clue. Woo, being very suspicious, followed Spencer without him noticing. Eventually, Woo made himself visible to Spencer. However, he wound up stealing Spencer’s clue, because Spencer left it lying on the ground. Spencer tried to chase Woo down, but he was too fast,and Spencer was left, highly ticked off,lol!!!

From there, a race ensued to try to find that clue, because Woo went and told everyone else about it. After all that madness, Spencer did eventually find the clue and managed to keep it a secret to boot. Next, the Immunity Challenge footage was shown. It was an endurance/balancing challenge. It came down to Spencer and Tasha, and Spencer pulled it out to claim immunity, along with his immunity idol!

Next, they showed more conversation footage. Spencer suggested to Kass to try and get rid of Tony just before tribal counsel footage was shown. At tribal counsel, they talked game for a bit before casting their votes. Tony ended up getting 4 votes, and Morgan got 6 votes. So, with 6 votes. Morgan became the latest victim in this episode. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite TV show stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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