Big Brother 19 Paul Tricked Jessica Into A Fake Deal To Get Alex Out

Big Brother 19 Paul Tricked Jessica Into A Fake Deal To Get Alex Out

Yesterday July 30 at around 11:19am Pacific time on the Big Brother 19 live feeds, Paul and Jessica were seen engaging in a very interesting conversation. He originally tried to enact his plan of telling her that the house would try to get her out before jury if she decided to use her hex power to save Cody this week.

Jessica really didn’t take well to that at all. She told him that she doesn’t respond well to threats and people trying to twist her arm to do something. So, this conversation went in an entirely different direction from this point. Jess told Paul if you guys want to offer me a deal not use the hex, that might be something we can work out.

Paul responded by asking her what it would take for her not to use the hex. She told him that she wanted guaranteed safety for the next two weeks. And for the piece de resistance, she said she wanted to get Alex voted out of the house. Paul immediately told her that he could make the first part of the deal happen. However, he would need to ask some of the other people about ganging up to get Alex out. Apparently, the vendetta Jess has for Alex is very, very real.

During this conversation, Paul also tried to tell Jess that Cody isn’t the one that keeps her safe, she is. No one has a problem with her. The problem is with Cody. He also planted a tiny seed of doubt in her mind by telling her that Cody actually plotted to keep Jason and Alex in the game at the very beginning so they could be the ones to take out Raven and Jessica. Jessica said, “Oh, I didn’t know that” in a semi-shocked manner.

Later, Jessica would end up confronting Cody about what Paul told her. He of course denied it and got real ticked off about it. He got so mad that he told Jess he doesn’t care anymore about her standards or whatever. Jess told him he was overreacting. The conversation eventually ended with Cody storming out of the room to go workout. Jess said, “Geez, it’s like dealing with a child.” They did eventually make up and went back to doing their annoying giggling and cuddling thing.

At around 2:49 pm pacific time, Paul gathered Christmas, Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena together in the HOH room to tell Jessica that they have agreed to her extreme ultimatum requests. They all told Jess that if one of them wins the HOH, they will try to get Alex out.

Now, here’s the twist. It’s all a freaking hoax! Paul really plans to work this in a way to actually get Elena out next because she and Mark are Jessica and Cody’s allies. Paul has discussed a lot of different scenarios which could completely fall apart at any moment. So, I won’t bother to mention any of them here. But just know that Paul and company’s main goal is to go after Elena first which would leave Mark and Jessica all alone and sitting ducks.

This is all contingent on Jessica actually honoring the deal to let them vote Cody out this week. Plus, one of Paul’s crew has to win HOH next week. Paul is of course keeping Mark and Elena in the dark about this secret plan since it’s designed for their demise.

Again, there are so many things that could go wrong with all of this. But Paul definitely doesn’t plan to gang up on Alex. He’s just trying to make Jess believe that he will so she won’t use her special hex power. We’ll see if it works. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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