This Is Us Season 2 To Bring On Sylvester Stallone For A Huge Guest Role,New Details

This Is Us Season 2 To Bring On Sylvester Stallone For A Huge Guest Role,New Details

According to a new report from the folks over at Variety, NBC’s breakout hit drama “This Is Us” has hired former Rocky Balboa acting legend Sylvester Stallone (above right) to come on and fill a guest role. According to the show’s producer Dan Fogelman, Stallone’s role is supposed to be quite huge.

This news was first revealed at the TCA summer press tour on August 3,2017. Stallone will be playing himself on the show. According to Fogelman, he will guest star opposite Justin Hartley’s character Kevin Pearson. Apparently, Kevin will be starring in a war period film. Stallone will play a character in this film who’s a mentor figure. He will begin to bring up some things for Kevin that involves Jack and his relationship with his own father.


Fogelman went on to say that Stallone’s character will talk to Kevin about subjects that really hit close to home for him in a beautiful monologue about life. He has found out what took place between Kevin and his father. So, he will talk about his life experience, loss, aging and the business.

Currently, Stallone is only scheduled to appear in just one episode. They didn’t reveal which episode he’s scheduled to appear in so that information will remain a secret for now. However, we’re sure we’ll hear something more about it in the next couple of weeks as we get closer to the season 2 premiere.

Coincidentally, one of the show’s other stars Milo Ventimiglia aka Jack Pearson appeared in the 2006 “Rocky Balboa” movie with Stallone. He played Rocky’s grown up version son. There was no mention of him sharing any scenes with Stallone in “This Is Us.” Also, they say it’s doubtful that he will given the show’s multiple timeline situation.

In related news, Variety mentioned that we’ll see two other guest stars in season 2. They are actors Dan Lauria and Debra Jo Rupp. Unfortunately, there’s no specific details available about their roles. On a brighter note, Fogelman did tell reporters that season 2 will finally provide answers to that burning question, “How did Jack die?”


He went on to say that the season 2 premiere episode will actually feature a giant piece of that puzzling question and give some momentum toward that particular storyline. If that’s not enough, he said that this puzzle piece is so big that it will potentially set the internet abuzz! Season 2 is currently scheduled to premiere on Tuesday night, September 26,2017 at 8pm central standard time on NBC. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our This Is Us Facebook page for more This Is Us news by Clicking Here.

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