New ‘Young And The Restless’ Storyline Teasers For August 25,2017 Episode Revealed

New ‘Young And The Restless’ Storyline Teasers For August 25,2017 Episode Revealed

Recently, we found some new spoiler teasers for tomorrow’s August 25th, 2017 episode from the folks over at TV Guide. It sounds like we’re going to see some pretty interesting things take place in this one. Victor is going to catch some pretty heavy heat from Abby to give up some important information. Nick will get totally shocked by Faith at some point and more.

In this first storyline scoop, Victor and Abby’s plotline is discussed. Apparently, Abby is really going to want Victor to spill the beans about what he knows concerning Ashley’s past. Abby will want to know so bad that she will really press Victor to give up the intel.


Will Victor cave in to Abby’s demands? Or will he tell her to take a freaking hike? Those are a couple of big questions that we’ll be looking to see get answered in this episode. It definitely sounds like it will offer us some pretty dramatic scenes.

Next, they tell us that Nick is going to be totally stunned by the latest behaviors that Faith displays. What in the hell is Faith going to do that throws Nick off so much? That’s the super big question for this particular scenario. This is another storyline that sounds like it could give us some very interesting scenes.

Last but most certainly not least, we have a storyline that features Billy. It sounds like things will be going great for him as they tell us that he’s going be presented with a very lucrative opportunity. In fact, they say it will just straight up fall into his lap! What will this opportunity entail? That’s the big question for this one. Unfortunately, they didn’t reveal any other details about it. So, we’ll have tune in to see what it’s all about. Hopefully, all the details will be revealed in this episode.

So, that’s a couple of storylines that will be capping off the week. Since this is an hour-long show, I’m sure some other interesting storylines will be presented. The ones we just discussed are probably some of the main ones. Or at the very least, the ones that the network decided to share ahead of the episode actually airing.


The Young And The Restless airs every weekday at 11:30 am central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Young And The Restless Facebook page for more Young And The Restless news by Clicking Here.

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