New ‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Premiere Episode Teasers & More Revealed By The Producer

New ‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Premiere Episode Teasers & More Revealed By The Producer

Recently, the folks over at Deadline got to chat up Dan Fogelman who is the producer of NBC’s hit drama “This Is Us” during a Facebook LIVE chat session. During it, Fogelman revealed a couple of new teasers we can look forward to seeing take place in the upcoming season 2. Everything is starting off on the kid’s 37th birthdays. Beth and Randall take a difficult path to adoption. More interesting backstories are in store and much more.

To start things off, Fogleman told them that season 2 will present about the same amount of tearful moments as season one did stating, “There won’t be a paradigm shift.” He also said, “While we were transfixed by how Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack Pearson died, other pressing events in season 2 will consume us even more.”

He mentioned that he hopes all the main characters: Rebecca Pearson, Randall Pearson, Kate Pearson, Toby, Kevin Pearson, Beth Pearson, Jessie, Dr. Nathan and Ricky will appear often. They revealed that the premiere episode for season 2 will begin with the day following younger Rebecca and Jack’s fight.

Next, Fogelman talked about Beth and Randall’s upcoming season 2 storylines. In the premiere episode, we’ll see these two deal with the adoption of their new child and they will do this in a complicated way. Beth is going to return to work as an urban planner. Meanwhile, Randall will be happily at home with their daughters.

At one point, Fogelman revealed that Beth and Randall will never ever separate for as long as the show is running. However, they will face a very big obstacle. He stated, “Randall and Beth will never separate in this show. They’ll experience trials and tribulations and this one season will have a big one in front of them.”

Fogelman went on to hint that we might see some backstory clips that feature when characters William Hill and Jessie actually met along with the early part of their relationship and what drew them together.

The premiere episode will also feature Kate Pearson trying to embark on her singing career. Fogelman said of Kate’s season 2 storyline, “There’s a growth of confidence. A journey of fits and starts.”

Fogelman also commented about possible wedding plans for Kate and Toby. His view was definitely optimistic as he said it’s still in the works. However, they will not be opening the second season with a wedding of any sort. Kate and Toby will be in a good place and working out their issues.

We also have some extra details from Variety. They say Fogelman talked about what Jack’s storyline will look like in season 2. He stated, “I always talk about Jack’s death as this hinge upon which the family swings and there’s a kind of before that and the after of that. And that’s very much what this season is about.

It’s about that hinge and that’s what we’re watching. There’s a lot of healing to be done. There’s a lot we’re going to do with Jack this season. We’ve painted the picture of the world’s perfect dad, man, husband, everything. And now we’re going to show not the dark side of that, but what the struggle is of being that guy too and ultimately I think bring him to a kind of fully realized place.”

Fogelman also commented on the way they plan on revealing how Jack died saying, “The way Jack’s death is going to play out is how it was always going to play out as we planned. You do have to be cognizant that. It doesn’t become a soap opera or one story starts taking over, but it’s fun to have a little bit of plot and intrigue too. It’s a balancing act. It’s all a balancing act.”

Fogelman confirmed that season 2 will start off with the big three kids on their 37th birthday. He said, “The present day story is the story of the big three kids. A little bit of time has passed. So, we’re kind of catching up with them a month or two later on their birthday. Their 37th. The pilot started on their 36th and we’re picking it up on their 37th.”

As previously reported, season 2 is set to start up on Tuesday night, September 26,2017 at 8pm central standard time on NBC. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our This Is Us Facebook page for more This Is Us news by Clicking Here.


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