New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For September 15,2017 Episode

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For September 15,2017 Episode

Alright, Bold And The Beautiful fans. We’ve got a couple of teaser scoops for tomorrow’s week-ending Friday, September 15,2017 episode. Once again, these are from TV Guide. They sound very interesting too as it appears that we’re going to see Bill drop some sort of a confession to Brooke! Meanwhile, we’ll still be seeing Steffy try to speak with both Liam and Bill.

Let’s get things started with the Bill and Brooke situation. They’re description is telling us that Bill is definitely going to have a very important moment with Brooke. They say he will finally break down and deliver some sort of a confession to her.


They describe it as being half of the truth. So, which half of the truth will he give Brooke? That’s the huge question for this storyline. Unfortunately, they didn’t reveal that part. So, we’ll definitely have to tune in to see what Bill actually tells Brooke. It definitely sounds like it could give us some very eventful scenes depending on exactly what he says to Brooke and how she reacts.

In the second teaser for the September 15th installment, we learn that we’ll be seeing even more of Steffy in action. She’ll still be trying to have conversations with both Liam and Bill because she’ll be really concerned. She will talk with them at serparate times.

Will Steffy be able to make any leeway with Liam? It definitely didn’t seem like he will be budging anytime soon in today’s episode. Maybe Steffy will gain some traction with him in tomorrow’s episode. We’ll have to wait and see. This definitely seems like a storyline that they will probably stretch out for quite a while.

We were also able to round up some additional information from the preview clip for the September 15th,2017 episode. There’s going to be a scene where Wyatt tells Katie about how Bill’s been acting latey stating, “He leaves the company and then annoints Liam!” Katie says, “And he doesn’t give you a straight answer when you confront him about it.” Wyatt says, “Exactly. And Liam’s acting weird too. What could possibly have happened between those two?”


So, Wyatt will definitely still be trying to figure out why in the hell would Bill let Liam just take over everything. We can definitely see some things will certainly come to a head for Bill.

There will be a scene where Brook says to Bill, “You set fire to that building?!” Uh oh. So, that means Bill finally fessed up to the Spectra Building fire which should be enough to make Brooke hate him. However, he still hasn’t confessed to the Caroline lie. Maybe that’s what they meant about a half truth being told. Or maybe there’s something else. We’ll have to wait and see. All we know is Brooke looked very pissed off in the scene.

Lastly, the clip showed a scene with Steffy still begging Liam to come around by saying, “Bill is willing to meet you in the middle!” Liam replied with,”I’m not interested.” So, as we stated earlier in this article, it doesn’t look like Liam will be budging about his feelings towards Bill anytime soon. You can take that all the way to the bank.

Alright guys. That’s all the information that we have for the week-ending September 15th,2017 episode as far as teasers go. But, definitely be prepared to see scenes that aren’t mentioned here because they definitely didn’t give everything away. They might leave us with something big to cap off the week. We definitely know there will be a lot of drama taking place between Bill and Brooke after his big confession.


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