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Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Zellswag & Misster Ray Had Major Fight On The Reunion Show

According to a new report from the folks over at TMZ, current “Love And Hip Hop: Holywood” season 4 stars Rodney Lazell Shaw aka Zellswag and Myles Cunningham aka Misster Ray got into a huge brawl on the set of the taping of the reunion show this past Tuesday, September 19,2017!

They said the fight was so damn intense that it actually brought the show to a halt. If that’s not enough, the cops are now involved! Sources from the production told TMZ that Zellswag and Myles were in the middle of taping the reunion show in New York City when the fight broke out. Apparently, they were having an argument over who stole whose swag.

Production immediately stepped in and told them to cut it out. Zellswag appeared to agree with production. After that, Zellswag moved in for what appeared to be a hug but that was certainly not what happened. Instead, he started beating the ever-living crap out of Misster Ray! The fight got so freaking bad that they had to call the cops to the scene. By the time the authorities showed up, Zellswag had already gotten the hell out of dodge.

The cops told TMZ that a misdemeanor assault report was filed against Zellswag, and they’re currently trying to track him down for questioning. TMZ was also told that the fight was caught on tape, and it might get featured on the show when it eventually airs on VH1.

TMZ has tried to reach out to his people to get a comment or statement, but they have not yet responded. Meanwhile, Misster Ray had plenty to say about it in a video he posted on his official Instagram account. He called Zellswag a ghetto monkey and said that he’s about to get thrown in a cell where he belongs. He was pissed.

Misster Ray stated, “I’m just trying to figure out where that ghetto monkey say he made me bleed in the face. B@#tch, this is all you did.” Then he just showed a pretty big scratch on his hand. After that, he said, ” You scratched me you f@#ckin wild monkey. I hope you all have enjoyed Zellswag because it’s only in two minutes until the reunion. I have pressed charges. They will be putting you in a cell where you belong you f@#cking ghetto monkey.”

In related news, a report from revealed that castmembers Moniece Slaughter and Hazel E also got in a big fight at this same reunion special. Hazel E had to be removed from the event for throwing a punch at Moniece. They say the punch didn’t land. So, that’s good for Moniece. They report that Hazel E claimed she was booted from the show for “Sliding” Moniece.

Later, Moniece hit up her official Instagram account to respond to Hazel E’s claims. She wrote, “SLID WHO? LIKE I SAID B@#TCH. DON’T YOU EVER IN YOUR LIFE. SWING ON ME WHILE MY BACK IS TURNED AND MISS!”

So, it certainly sounds like we’ll be in for quite a show when the reunion episodes finally airs. They’re due to air at the beginning of October sometime.

We’ll definitely keep you guys posted on any new developments regarding these altercations and other Love and Hip Hop news. Stay tuned. Be sure to follow us on our Love and Hip Hop Facebook page for more Love and Hip Hop news by Clicking Here.

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