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‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Bill To Do His Most Shocking Thing Ever, New Details

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We just found out some new intel about something very shocking that Bill is going to do. This information is from the Inquisitr and their sources.

And believe me when I tell you this is like next level shocking. We’ve been saying for weeks that he’s going to more than likely hook up with Steffy if the current storyline continues the way it’s going. That part is pretty obvious by now. What we didn’t guess is that a possible baby might result from this!

Yes, the Inquisitr sources are saying that not only will Bill cook up a plan to break up Liam and Steffy by sleeping with her, but he might get her pregnant too! They actually say that Steffy is going to wind up pregnant and not know who the father is because she is sleeping with both Bill and Liam!

We knew that the plotline was heading in this direction. We just didn’t know they would take it as far to involve a baby! Also, make note that Steffy getting preggers has not been officially confirmed. We don’t know how reliable Inquisitr’s sources are or who they are. However, we do think this is a very viable outcome that could take place if Bill does indeed move things further along with Steffy to the point where he sleeps with her.

In fact, some official spoilers from CBS does tell us that Steffy and Bill will get closer later this week while talking about how much Liam is helping Sally. Plus, we also know that Steffy is going to get real upset about Liam’s latest gift that he gives Sally.

There’s no doubt that the stage is getting set for some major fall out to happen between Liam and Steffy which will most likely leave her very vulnerable to Bill’s advances. Heck, she already seems pretty smitten by him in the current storyline.

The Inquisitr article went on to state that Steffy is actually scheduled to turn up pregnant in about the next couple weeks! And since she slept with Liam and Bill around the same time, she won’t know who knocked her up. They go on to say that Bill could use this issue to his advantage by claiming he stole everything from Liam, including his possibility of having a family with Steffy.

Again, all we officially know right now is that Bill and Steffy will definitely grow closer by the end of this week. The whole thing about her getting pregnant are claims made by unofficial sources other than CBS. So, we’ll have to classify them as rumors for now. However, in the past these rumors have actually turned out to be true.

If this latest, crazy plotline pans out to be true, we’re definitely going to see some next level drama take place. There’s no doubt about that.

In related news, we’re about to see crazy Sheila return to the storyline this week. Based on a lot you guys’ Facebook comments, we know most of you aren’t too keen on seeing her return to the scene but she is, and she’s going to be setting up another extremely scandalous plot against you know who. That’s right. Quinn.

Speaking of Quinn, we’ll also see her return. It looks like Sheila and Quinn will just be in maybe two episodes this week because they’ve got to devote a lot of time into setting up this mega Bill and Steffy madness.

Alright guys. We’ll see if this crazy pregnant Steffy intel turns out to be true in the next, couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

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