Important Celebrity Big Brother Details Revealed By Host Julie Chen

Important Celebrity Big Brother Details Revealed By Host Julie Chen

Hey, Big Brother fans. Yesterday,January 29, 2018, Big Brother host Julie Chen hopped on Facebook Live to answer all of you guy’s burning questions for the new Celebrity Big Brother season.

For those of you who don’t know yet, the official cast will consist of: beauty pageant contestant Ariadna Guti√©rrez, model and actress Brandi Glanville, former championship MMA fighter Chuck Liddell, actor James Maslow, actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, actress Marissa Jaret Winokur, rock star and television host Mark McGrath, former NBA player Ron Artest who now goes by the name Metta World Peace, Reality TV star Omarosa Manigault, television host Ross Mathews and actress Shannon Elizabeth.

Julie started off her Live Facebook Celebrity Big Brother Question and Answer segment by reminding us that the new Celebrity Big Brother season is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday night, February 7,2018. Then she named a few of the celebrities that will be competing. She said these celebrities all know something about winning and being in the public eye.


The first question was “What do you think is the number one mistake most houseguests make when competing in the big brother house? Julie responded with, “I would say they let their ego get in the way ,and they also feel overconfident. I’m telling you to survive in the Big Brother house, you have to have a healthy dose of paranoia.

When you start feeling like you’re safe or too safe, that’s when you’re a goner. You can’t trust anyone in the Big Brother house. You think you met your soulmate or new best friend. There’s a lot of money on the line you know, and some people are very good phonies.

They’re very good actors. So, the number one mistake is feeling or getting too drunk with power. If you become head of household and you’re running the ship. and suddenly you get used to everyone kissing your ring and running around you. It’s an act. No, once you’re not head of household, you will see the real world.”

Second question: “What is one recurring competition you look forward to seeing and why?” Julie answered, “I asked the competition department to please tell me we’re doing a celebrity slip and slide. Every summer, we have some version of the slip and slide. It’s like long lanes, and it looks like they use Crisco or some vegetable shortening. We slick it up. Then the contestants have to go down with maybe a little tea cup ,and get like a little bit of tea. Then go down the other isle and fill up a large jug. It’s just hours of fun. It makes me laugh every time. I’m pushing for it.”


Julie also made a prediction that contestants Brandi Glanville and Omarosa Manigault will become best of friends or mortal enemies. I’m not sure who my money is on, but I was told from a very reliable source who knows Brandi. He thinks that Brandi is going to eat Omarosa’s lunch. So, we’ll see if he’s right.

Third question: “How will this be different than regular Big Brother?” Julie answered, “11 celebrities, 11 healthy egos. You know everyone who is in this celebrity edition of Big Brother is used to everyone being the star and being the main focus in a room when they walk into a room. That’s not gonna happen here. Ego is usually the biggest downfall of a houseguest.

So, we’ll see how they do. We basically have 11 alphas in the house. I mean they didn’t get to become celebrities by being wallflowers. So, having 11 big personalities. That will be fireworks nonstop. So, take the normal crazy you see in normal Big Brother and times it by a hundred. It’s going to be exponential.


Fourth question: “What is one thing we can expect from this season of Big Brother?” Julie replied with, “We always say, “You can expect to see the unexpected.” With celebrities and the lifestyle they’re used to. Really expect the unexpected. I think there’s going to be in the first few days, you’re going to see drama, drama, drama. Competition, competition. Alliances forming and breaking. Betrayal.

I don’t think we’re going to have any showmances. You know these are celebrities that probably have had their fair share of showmances when they were single or even if they are still single, they’re not coming to the Big Brother house to hook up. Let’s just call it what it is. But, we can expect fireworks.That’s for sure.

And I think you’re going to see some celebrities learn how to be more of a listener than a focus puller or a talker. They’re gonna have to learn to sometimes take the backseat and not always be the one who moves forward because you can’t have 11 stars in one Big Brother house. It’s going to be constant fighting if people don’t learn how to stay in their lane, let someone else take over and be the star for a day or two. We’ll see.

Julie mentioned that actress Shannon Elizabeth is now a world class poker player and a die hard Big Brother fan. So, we should keep our eyes on her.

Fifth question: “What do you anticipate being the hardest thing in the house for the celebs to deal with this season?” Julie answered, “I think the hardest thing is going to be checking their ego. I think having to share the spotlight with so many others. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone likes to hear themselves talk. That’s human nature especially if you’re a celebrity.


I think if they are asked to not be the star. That’s going to be hard. Of course being away from loved ones is going to be hard for everyone, but they know what they’re getting themselves into. I also think it’s going to be hard for some of them not to be on social media.

But, I guarantee you when they get out and read all the comments on social media and see what the public says or thinks about them unfiltered, I think it’s going to be a big wake-up call for some people. It always is in the Big Brother house. There’s nothing like living in the Big Brother house and being judged by everyone who watches it. It’s like putting a mirror up to your face and deciding do these people have a point? Could I be a better person? What could I have done differently? Why does America hate me?”


Sixth question: “What has been your favorite twist?” Julie answered, “My favorite twist was probably when we had the twins from season five because these two women had to get through six weeks of fooling their houseguests. Every three days they had to switch places in the diary room, change into the other person’s clothes and keep their stories straight. To this day, that one amazes me.”

Julie mentioned that her favorite competitions to host are the endurance challenges where they’re standing on a wall ,or they’re making it rain on them and so on and so forth. She gets a giggle out of it.

Question seven: “Do you think we’ll see celebrity showmances?” Juile answered, “Again, I don’t think we will because most of the people going in are married and have kids. We only have two people in their twenties which are James Maslow and Araiadna Gutierrez. She’s 23. He’s 27. They’re both gorgeous. But, I don’t think that’s the purpose these celebrities are coming in for. They’re looking to win.

They’re looking to continue being a name in the public eye. But you never know. You can’t control who you fall in love with, and if you’re living with someone nonstop for a few weeks, that’s equivalent to dating someone for a year in the real world.”

Question eight: “Will there still be live feeds? Julie answered, “Yes, I can’t imagine the live feeds being ever more popular than now. I mean if I want to see people that I don’t know brush their teeth at night and I can’t explain why. I mean, I want to see how the celebrities do it. You know? Do they floss? Do they do it the right way? Floss first? Brush first? Which one is it? Yes, we’re gonna have the live feeds. So, that’s a show in and of itself.”

Question nine: “How do you think the length of the season will effect the game?” Julie answered, “Well, being that it’s normally three months. This version is only two and a half weeks because you can’t ask any celebrity to be locked up for three months. I think it’s going to be a pressure cooker in part because we’re speeding up a whole game to be condensed into less than three weeks.

It’s usually about three months. So, you’re going to see not a lot of relaxing downtime where the houseguests truly get to bond. I think every single minute that they’re awake, they’re going to feel like they’re competing. And they should be paranoid once again.

They should be constantly playing the game. I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of mental downtime for them to not think about who might stab them in the back or how do they survive this week. Or how do they win some competitions to gain power? Who should they be friends with? So, I think it’s just going to be super crazy and super intense. And super pressure-filled.

Question 10: “Who do you think will have the most surprising game play in the celebrity Big Brother house? Julie answered, “I would say Meta World Peace formerly known as Ron Artest because we’re used to seeing him play on a basketball court. He’s a fierce competitor. He has an NBA championship ring from when he was with the Lakers. This is a social game. I don’t know what people expect from him socially. So, I think no matter how he plays it, people are going to be surprised.”

Question 11: Three words to describe the cast of Celebrity Big Brother? Julie answered, “Competitive, Outspoken, Winners. But, there can only be one. So, we’ll see.”

After that final question, Julie capped off the Q&A session by saying that the celebrity season will start off with a three night premiere. So, the first three episodes will all be part of the premiere. Be sure to make note of that. More Celebrity Big Brother news is coming. So, stay tuned. Be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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