NCIS And Mark Harmon Aka Leroy Gibbs Just Received The Best News

NCIS And Mark Harmon Aka Leroy Gibbs Just Received The Best News

Hey, “NCIS” fans. We’ve got some really great news for you guys in this brand new article. As most of you are well aware the current season 15 is coming to a close with just 5 more episodes left including tonight’s 20th episode entitled, “Sight Unseen.” That means it was time for the folks over at CBS to let everyone know if they’re going to renew it for a new season 16.

Well, guess what guys. They did! As we previously reported, this is not a huge surprise, but it is good news nevertheless. NCIS totally kills it in the ratings and viewership departments. So, this was a pretty easily predicted outcome. What wasn’t so predictable is if one of the main lead stars Mark Harmon would continue on.

There were a couple of reports circulating at the beginning of season 15 about Mark dealing with some pretty serious health issues, and whether or not those issues would effect his participation in a lot of the action scenes. There was even talk of this being his last season.

We can now put all those rumors to rest because in addition to the show getting renewed for more season 16 action, Mark has signed a new deal to return for season 16 as one of the stars and as an executive producer.

According to a report from the folks over at TV Line, the President of CBS Entertainment Kelly Kahl made a statement about the show’s renewal and Mark Harmon. She said, “It’s pretty simple. Viewers everywhere love NCIS. This show speaks to viewers of all ages in all parts of the country and around the world.

NCIS‘ amazing characters and terrific storytelling result in some of TV’s most passionate fans. Of course, none of this would be possible without an outstanding production team, and talented cast led by the incomparable and absolutely tireless Mark Harmon. We’re thrilled he is returning as the centerpiece of the show, and we could not be more excited for NCIS 16th season.”

The only bad news of this article is that actress Pauly Perrette aka Abby Sciuto is still on her way out the door as she decided to quit the show earlier this season. It’s confirmed that her final episode will be the 22nd episode of this current season 15. It’s entitled, “Two Steps Back”, and is scheduled to air on Tuesday night, May 8, 2018. So, be sure to mark down that important date as the last Abby show. Will she ever return? Nobody knows.

As previously reported, season 15’s ratings and viewership numbers weren’t quite as high as season 14’s, but they were still pretty damn high. Season 15 premiered to an audience of 13.288 million viewers in the United States, and scored a 1.60 for the 18-49 age group demographics. The last episode that aired this season on April 3, 2018 scored a 1.32 demographic rating, and it brought in 12.227 million viewers in the USA.

The lowest rated episode was the one that aired back on February 27, 2018. It received a 1.21 demographic rating. However, it was not the lowest viewed episode. It brought in 12.454 million viewers. The lowest viewed episode was the one that aired on March 27,2018 bringing in only 11.940 million viewers. That’s still a lot of viewers, but in comparison to their other episodes, it’s a low number.

Alright guys. So, it’s time to pop open the champagne bottles and celebrate. Your favorite show is coming back for a brand new season. Currently, it’s unclear how many episodes CBS will order for the 16th season. But guessing based on the show’s current numbers, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s another set of 24.

We’ll give you guys the details on when to expect the season 16 premiere in oh about two or three months from now. In the meantime, get ready to see the final five episodes of season 15. Also, be sure to follow us on our NCIS Facebook page for more NCIS news by Clicking Here.

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