New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For May 16, 2018 Episode

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For May 16, 2018 Episode

Happy Tuesday “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Well, we saw Taylor and Brooke finally have their big verbal battle in today’s May 15,2018 episode. We thought it was a pretty entertaining scene. Brooke did her thing by basically telling Taylor, “Your daughter screwed up. So, my daughter gets to have Liam. Deal with it.”

Taylor attempted to get Brooke to think about why Liam all of a sudden had this swift change of heart, but Brooke wasn’t hearing it. She’s fully convinced that Hope and Liam are meant to be together and that’s that.

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Elsewhere, we saw the huge, intense scene where Wyatt barged into Bill’s office after overhearing Justin talk about how Bill totally set up Wyatt to break up Liam and Steffy. Wyatt was extremely pissed off as we expected. He apparently does want to tell Liam what really happened.

However, as I mentioned before in previous articles, expect to see Wyatt get talked out of it in exchange to participate in a Bill blackmail scheme. That’s right guys. Now, it’ll be Wyatt’s turn to have some blackmail fun. I don’t know what it is, but these producers just love to resort to these blackmail schemes when it comes to crooked Dollar Bill Spencer.

Today’s episode also showed a couple of less interesting scenes. Liam and Hope were seen celebrating their engagement with Rick and Maya. Brooke was also seen meeting up with the wedding planner. Nothing really exciting went on in those scenes. So, they’re hardly worth mentioning.

Judging from CBS’ official description for tomorrow’s new Wednesday, May 16, 2018 episode, it sounds like we’re going to see more of the same. A lot of continuation scenes will take place between Brooke and Taylor and Wyatt and Bill.

We’ll go ahead and start this teaser session off with the Brooke and Taylor storyline. CBS’ description tells us, “Former nemeses find themselves verbally sparring when Taylor confronts Brooke about Hope, Steffy and Liam.” An alternate storyline reads like this, “Taylor and Brooke face off over their daughters and Liam.”

That’s basically a description of what took place in today’s installment which means we should definitely look for that conversation or heated argument to continue. What will they say to each other next? That’s the big question for this situation. We’re sure it’ll most likely just be more of the same stuff we heard today. Taylor will be protecting Steffy’s best interest while Brooke protects Hope’s best interest. Unless Brooke and Taylor decide to start slapping each other, I feel like they could just call it quits on this scene. We get the point.

The second storyline teaser reveals that Wyatt and Bill’s big heated confrontation will certainly continue. CBS’ description tells us, “Wyatt threatens Bill and accuses him of trying to buy him off in order to keep his secret safe.” An alternate description reads like this, “Wyatt issues a threat to Bill.”

How will Bill respond to these threats from Wyatt? That’s the big question for this storyline. We’re pretty sure Bill won’t be happy about it. I think it’ll be semi-interesting to see how this particular scene will finally cap off. We know Katie is about to get in Wyatt’s ear to convince him to blackmail Bill.

We were able to gather up some additional info for tomorrow’s May 16, 2018 episode via the preview clip for it. The first preview scene gives us a glimpse at what Taylor and Brooke’s continuation scene will look like. Taylor is seen telling Brooke again, “Liam is rebounding. He was committed to a future with his wife Steffy!” Brooke is seen firing back, “This marriage is happening ASAP.”

So, it looks like Brooke is very serious about this. She’s ready to stop at nothing to get her daughter Hope hitched up with Liam no matter what. It looks like she’s going to succeed too because Wyatt isn’t going to tell Liam the truth. Liam is totally convinced Hope is the one for him. Yep, it’s looking real bleak for Steffy at the moment. The only other chance Liam would have of finding out about Bill’s sheisty plan is from Justin. We don’t think Justin will say anything because Bill signs his paychecks.

The second and last preview scene gives us a glimpse at what Wyatt and Bill’s continuation scene will look like. Bill is seen saying to Wyatt, “From the time you showed up in my life, you’ve been my favorite son.”

We’re definitely calling BS on that one. Bill has always treated Wyatt like crap. It’s so obvious he’s saying these things because Wyatt has something on him. The producers don’t even try to halfway disguise any of Bill’s angles. I don’t know if that’s because they just don’t care or what. Whatever the case, we’re going to see Bill’s next moves be very predictable and transparent. You guys can view the new preview clip for tomorrow’s May 16, 2018 episode over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all the storyline scoops we were able to track down for tomorrow’s May 16, 2018 installment. However, as always, be sure to expect to see a lot of other scenes that were not mentioned here.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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