New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For June 4, 2018 Episode

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For June 4, 2018 Episode

Happy Friday and weekend “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Today’s June 1, 2018 episode definitely got very dramatic, but that was not a surprise after Steffy fell in yesterday’s episode. Today, it was all about Steffy and what will happen with her baby.

Steffy immediately called Liam to tell him about the incident. He, of course, came running to the hospital to be there with Steffy. Elsewhere, Brooke was still seen trying to convince Hope she needs to hurry up and rush Liam into a marriage before Steffy’s baby is born. Obviously, Brooke knows the arrival of the baby will create a very strong, almost unbreakable bond between Steffy and Liam.

Ridge overheard Brooke trying to encourage Hope to rush Liam into marriage. That caused Brooke and Ridge to have another one of their tiffs. Expect to see more of those as this summer rolls along because Brooke will continue to be totally convinced that Hope must marry Liam no matter what.

Liam indirectly broke up Ridge and Brooke’s argument by calling him to tell him Steffy was about to go into premature labor. Steffy and Liam ran into a few scares at the hospital, but it looks like Steffy will actually give birth to the baby. In fact, we can officially confirm that the baby will be born healthy. So, we’re going to have a new baby in the picture for sure. The producers are letting it happen this time.

The new Monday, June 4, 2018 episode sounds like it will give us more drama as Steffy’s intense baby birth scene continues. Eric will be back in the picture at some point which we’re not very excited about.

We’ll go ahead and start off today’s teaser session with the Eric storyline. Apparently, he’ll have something to say about the Liam and Steffy situation. CBS’ official description tells us, “Eric hopes that the birth of the baby may help Liam find the forgiveness he needs.” An alternate description reads like this, “Eric hopes Liam will find forgiveness once his baby’s born.”

Again, we’re not interested at all in seeing this Eric scene. Hopefully, not much time will be given to it. I guess the producers wanted to throw him back in the picture for a second so they could make sure we remembered that he still even exists. I know I personally haven’t missed him from the storyline. But for those of you who want to see more of Eric, he will be back in action this summer with some sort Quinn drama.

The second storyline teaser reveals that this emergency Steffy situation will certainly continue. CBS’ description tells us, “Having taken a fall after an argument with Bill, Steffy goes into immediate and intense labor.”

Obviously, that description describes what happened in today’s episode. So, that means it will certainly continue. Steffy was in the midst of trying to push that baby out when today’s show concluded. The big question is will the baby be alright when it comes out? As I mentioned earlier, it’s already been officially confirmed that the baby will indeed be healthy. CBS official teaser for that reads like this, “Baby Kelly is born healthy.”

In addition to that, we are hearing that Steffy is going to let Liam know what went down between her and Bill just before she fell. This will cause Liam to vow to deal with him whatever that means. Does that mean Liam will just yell at Bill again? Or will we see a fight take place? I can say if Liam is just going to yell at Bill again, he’s just going to be wasting his breath. Bill is on a planet all his own right now. He needs some very specialized and professional help at this point.

We were able to gather up some additional info for the upcoming June 4, 2018 episode via the preview clip for it. The first preview scene gives us a glimpse of what Steffy’s continuing baby labor scene will look like. Liam is seen telling Steffy, “We can do this together you and me. I’m right here with you.”

Not surprisingly, Liam will get really wrapped up in this moment and be quite emotional while Steffy is giving birth. Again, we know this birth will turn out fine, and Liam and Steffy will be very happy when the baby is born. This will leave poor Hope on the outs again.

Speaking of Hope, the second preview scene shows her in action. She’s seen trying to keep it together to say nice things about Steffy and Liam’s baby. Hope says, “You will do something really special for Steffy and her happy, healthy baby Kelly when they come home.”

The clip didn’t show who Hope was talking to. So, we’ll just have to wait until the episode airs to see who that is. Looking at this scene, you can really see the hurt and pain that Hope is trying to hide underneath those kind words. She knows her future with Liam is dwindling every millisecond now.

The third and last preview scene features Brooke in action. She’s seen talking on the phone saying, “Steffy and Liam are going to have a healthy little baby.”

This is another clip where we don’t see who’s on the other end of this conversation. We’ll have to wait for this episode to air to find that out. Of course, it doesn’t really matter much who it is since Brooke isn’t really saying anything that merits any type of alarm bells. You guys can view the new preview clip for Monday’s June 4, 2018 episode over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all the storyline scoops we were able to find for the upcoming June 4, 2018 episode. However, definitely expect to see a lot of extra scenes that were not mentioned in this teaser session.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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