New Big Brother Season 20 Major Switch Up Of Eviction Plans Is Happening Tonight September 13, 2018

New Big Brother Season 20 Major Switch Up Of Eviction Plans Is Happening Tonight September 13, 2018

Hey, fellow Big Brother Fans. It’s time for a another, new report from the crazy Big Brother season 20 house. It turns out that this Level 6 alliance: Tyler, Kaycee, Angela and Brett is about to experience a big crack as early as tonight! According to the folks over at Big Brother Network and other sources, tonight’s big LIVE eviction episode will indeed include a Double Eviction.

We never actually saw Julie Chen tease the Double Eviction this season. So, we were never sure about when it would happen, but these other sources seem to be incredibly sure of it.

With that said, that gives way to even more of a crack to take place in the Level 6 alliance that’s been dominating the whole season. Apparently, Brett approached Tyler yesterday, September 12, 2018 to discuss possibly trying to get out either Angela and Kaycee before JC and Sam. The original plan for Level 6 was to get rid of Sam after they got rid of Haleigh tonight. Then target JC. But, oh no,no. Not anymore. The plans have switched up drastically.

Now, they want to backdoor and blindside the hell out of Brett during tonight’s LIVE Double Eviction episode! How this all came about is that Tyler pretended with Brett to go along with his plan to target Angela or Kaycee next. Then Tyler ran back and told Kaycee and Angela all about it. Obviously, they weren’t happy to hear about Brett’s new agenda. So, they came up with a new agenda of their own which is the big, Brett blindside.

During Tyler and Kaycee’s conversation, he told her, “Everything I have been sketched out about with Brett and JC is f@#cking true.” Kaycee said, “What is true? Talk to me.” Tyler said, “The shit is true.” Kaycee said, “What’s true?” Tyler said, “Brett talked to me today. He said, ‘Who would it be easier to beat in a final four, Kaycee and Angela or Sam and JC?.'” Kaycee said, “No way.” Tyler said, “I swear on my life.” Kaycee said, “I’m not going to say sh@#t.”

Tyler said, “I was like, ‘The girls are so loyal to us until final four. I have even been trying to test them out.’ Brett was like, ‘Do you want to get third and fourth, or do you want to get first and second? Sam and JC want Angela out.’ The way Brett kind of sees it is if they want Angela out, then it would be better for you to go cause they want Angela out.” Kaycee said, “Did he say that?” Tyler said, “Yeah.”

Kaycee said, “Fucking b@#tch. What do we do?” Tyler said, “Angela has got to win this HoH, or I have to win this HoH. Then you, me or Angela have to win after that.” Kaycee said, “That little f@#cker.” Tyler said, “He sees you and Angela as a duo because that’s what JC has been putting in his head.” Kaycee said, “You think Brett would put me and Angela up?” Tyler said,”Or Sam and Angela.”

Kaycee said,”Do we take a shot at Brett then if he is thinking this?” Tyler said, “Do we? It’s easier for us to beat Sam.” Kaycee said, “True that. Brett has no idea that he is f@#cking himself right now. If Brett is over here saying sh@#t like that, then he is okay with going against the alliance.” Tyler said, “And he is trying to get me to agree to it.”

Kaycee said,”That’s good to know then. It would be a better chance for us three to make it if we get Brett out. If he wants to f@#cking play that game, we’ll play that game. When would that shot at Brett be taken? Do you take that during the double when one of us wins? You tell Angela?” Tyler said, “When we were talking about the replacement nominee, if Brett is not the HoH, Brett has got to go on the f@#cking block and we send his a@# out of here.

Do we take that shot and then we have still got Sam and JC chilling over there?” Kaycee said,”We can beat them easier than we can beat Brett. He is pretty much saying that he would go against our alliance.” Tyler said, “If he Brett puts you and Angela up, I can win that f@#cking veto and take you down. We vote out whoever he puts up. He is f@#cked.

I don’t know if Brett is going to do it (nominate Angela and Kaycee) himself. I tried to keep him scared about doing it himself. I’m trying to convince him to throw it.” Kaycee said, “That changes things. If Brett is thinking that ,and he already put that out in the air, we can beat him to it.” Tyler said, “Exactly. We are staying two steps ahead of him.”

Kaycee said, “I think it’s low key kind of good that Brett said that.” Tyler said, “It made it a relief. It confirmed the suspicion. I think if Sam or JC win, it would be you two (Angela/Kaycee) on the block.” Kaycee said, “JC wouldn’t put Sam up?” Tyler said,”To make sure that you or Angela go, JC would put you and Angela up. If it’s you and Angela, Angela wins the veto, then it’s me.” Kaycee said, “F@#ck.” Tyler said, “But, that probably won’t happen because I have Brett feeling so good.”

Kaycee said, “Say you or Angela wins HoH. Do you put up Sam and JC?” Tyler said, “Do we stick to the plan?” One of us wins the veto, puts Brett up, send his a@# out?” Kaycee said, “Yeah, I am down. He put it out there that he would go against the alliance. Brett just shot himself in the foot. F@#ck it. We have to get him out. We’re talking about blindsiding.” Tyler said,” Jury is going to f@#cking love us for that. They all hate him.”

Kaycee said, “This is going to get tricky. Game on.” Tyler said, “It’s f@#cking game time.” Kaycee said, “Brett is going to have to leave sooner than later.” Tyler said,”We cant give him the opportunity. I am just going to keep Brett thinking what we need him to think.” Kaycee said, “It could be a possibility that he leaves before Sam and JC.”

Tyler said,”If it goes wrong, Angela goes. That’s also a reality. If it ends up you and Angela on the block. If we have to lose Angela, we lose Angela. You and I know what’s up. We are coming for Brett.” Kaycee said, “Who would put you and Angela up?” Tyler said, “Maybe Sam.” Kaycee said, “She might put me up because I put her up.” Tyler said, “If you are up and you win the veto, she might put me up.”

Kaycee said, “You would stay. You’ve got me and JC’s vote. F@#cking JC. You know he is in Brett’s head like a motherf@#cker.” Tyler said, “He is good. He always thinks he is running sh@#t. If Brett wins HoH and he doesn’t put you or Angela up.” Kaycee said, “Then we take a shot at him the next week. He is going as soon as possible.”

Our main priority is getting f@#cking Brett out this Thursday. It’s going to be easier to get him out now than later.” Tyler said, “This is his words. He said, ‘it’s easier to beat Sam and JC.’ We’ll get you out of here. Then, we will beat Sam and JC.”

Talking about the plans to backdoor Brett, Tyler said to Kaycee, “If I win HOH, I would put up Sam and JC, and be like, ‘Brett, don’t worry. Just throw this veto. I’ll get all the blood.'” Kaycee said, “Brett would not be here if it weren’t for us.” Tyler said, “Every single time he was on the chopping block, we came up with a plan. He didn’t come up with these plans.”

Later on, Tyler and Kaycee told Angela what Brett did, and their new plans to backdoor him. Angela was definitely all the way down for it saying, “Game on. I’m seeing red at this point. Fuming.” Kaycee said, “Girl, who are you telling? Last night when Tyler told me that, it was late. I got up.” Angela said, “I wouldn’t have been able to sleep.” Kaycee said, “It took me a minute. I woke up this morning pumped up.

This is going to be the best blindside ever when Brett goes. I cannot f@#cking wait.” Angela said,”The best blindside. Game on. This is the stuff that motivates me like nothing else. It puts me in competition mode. Karma is a b@#tch. My GBM (Goodbye Message) is going to be amazing.” Kaycee said, “We have to keep visualizing that you or Tyler wins HoH, one of us wins veto, pulls off JC, Brett goes up, goes home.”

Alright guys. So, there you have it. Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are fully ready and pumped to attempt to backdoor the hell out of their rogue, Level 6 alliance member Brett in tonight’s LIVE, Double Eviction episode. It sounds like it will definitely be pretty exciting to say the very least.

How do you guys feel about Tyler, Kaycee and Angela trying to backdoor Brett tonight? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments. As always, you guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

The very special LIVE, Double Eviction episode of Big Brother season 20 is airing tonight, September 13, 2018 at approximately 8 pm central standard time on CBS. So, be sure to tune in for it. You definitely don’t wanna miss it. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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