Big Brother Season 20 Brett Robinson Revealed Some Pretty Shocking Things In A New Interview

Big Brother Season 20 Brett Robinson Revealed Some Pretty Shocking Things In A New Interview

Hey fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got a new report for you guys in reference to the recently mega blindsided Brett Robinson. As most of you guys are aware, Brett got blindsided like nobody’s business during this past Thursday night’s LIVE Double Eviction episode.

Since then, the folks over at Entertainment Weekly got to interview him to get his take on season 20 and where it my go from here. During the interview, Brett revealed some pretty startling things in regards to who he feels is playing the best game right now. He actually said he thinks Sam is playing the best game, and has just been throwing competitions!

Brett stated when asked who is playing the bast game, “Tyler made the strong move in terms of competitions, but he has a lot of blood on his hands especially burning a final two. There is still JC and Sam who have no blood on their hands. I’d say Sam because she has still remained in the house after all of this time ,and she hasn’t burned anyone. I think she has been throwing competitions ever since her HOH to appear as less of a threat.”

Wow, I think Brett must have Sam confused with Kaycee. Kaycee was the one actually throwing competitions in the early stages and doesn’t have much blood on her hands. We thought that was really strange of Brett to say.

Anyways, Brett is about to find out how wrong he really is about that opinion because Sam is scheduled to be the next eviction victim of Level 6 tomorrow, September 18, 2018, and we can’t wait. We have been annoyed with Sam all season long.

Another pretty shocking thing Brett revealed is that he thinks Angela has played the worst game and doesn’t think she’ll make to the end. Brett explained when asked who’s playing the worst game, “I would say Angela. Don’t get me wrong. I throw my jabs out there, but I never make it personal. But I think Angela, on a personal level, has really rubbed some people the wrong way. Granted, she is setting herself up to get taken to the end which is a strategy that I tried. But I would be very, very shocked if she made it to the end.”

We agree that Angela has been very harsh especially with the personal stuff she said about Rachel. However, we definitely don’t think she’s played the worst game. Sam is the one that’s really made the game quite personal. She took very personal jabs at Kaitlyn and Haleigh during her HOH reign.

Haleigh ,who is a jury member, is certainly aware of all the crap Sam has said behind her back. Sam’s even stated that all her decisions are personal and has nothing to do with game. That’s why Tyler has been able to play her for fool all this time. Did you guys see Sam on the TV show? She’s like, “I trust Tyler. My game is in his hands.” And he’s about to straight up cut her.

Anyways, getting back to Brett’s interview, he answered a slew of other questions for Entertainment Weekly. Let’s go over those really quick. They asked Brett why he thinks he was evicted this past Thursday night. Here is Brett’s take on that: “I think that Tyler was given two offers: either to stay loyal to Angela or stay loyal to me. And based on who won the veto, he would have gone with that offer. I was in Level 6 with Tyler. I made a final two with Tyler, and I came to him with the offer to turn on Level 6 early. So, he could smell the mutiny, and that made him nervous that I might turn on him.”

Next, Brett revealed that he thought Angela’s comment about being one step ahead was quite cute. He was also very nervous about Angela during their Level 6 alliance. Brett told them when asked about Angela and Tyler’s last comments to him, “First, I found it very cute and very telling. I hope the other Houseguests can see that strong alliance.

I saw this coming from a mile away and I could see their relationship getting closer. So, I was trying to get in there to break it up before they got too close. She was the only person that made me nervous that Tyler would pick her over me if we made it to Final three. He wanted to show loyalty to Angela by making that comment.”

Brett also explained his harsh goodbye messages for jury members. Brett said he only bashed Faysal and Angie Rockstar on their way out because he felt like he never got along with them anyways. He stated, “I think the only harsh words were to Rockstar and Fess, and those were people I never got along with from the start.

So, why not give people what they want. You have to realize your position in the ecosystem. I was in a lower tier than Tyler because he had won people over. I was hoping to create more of a public display so anyone would choose me from a final three to go into a final two. So, that if I didn’t win that last HOH, they would choose to sit next to me.”

Brett revealed that he actually did think about keeping Angela until final two after he found out from Scottie that everyone in the jury does not like her. However, at the same time, he knew that Tyler would never pick him over Angela and Kaycee.

Brett stated when asked about keeping Angela until final two, “Yeah, absolutely. I thought about that many times. But, I was also aware of Angela’s relationship with Tyler and Kaycee, and if we made it to the final three, there is no way she would have picked me over either of them. She was very loyal to Tyler and Kaycee.”

Lastly, Brett made a pretty funny joke about being reunited with the jury members. He stated when asked about going to the jury house, “How do you feel about waking up for work at 4 in the morning? It sucks, but I have to do it.” There you have in true Brett fashion.

Alright guys. That’s it for Brett’s fascinating interview. In related Big Brother season 20 news, the Power Of Veto Ceremony is expected to take place later on today, September 17, 2018. We expect the current Power Of Veto winner Kaycee to not use it and keep Angela’s Sam and JC nominations the same. Sam is currently the main target. So, we expect her to finally make her exit from the house tomorrow, September 18, 2018.

That’s right, they’re doing two evictions this week. The first one will be tomorrow. It’s going to be pre-taped, and it will air this Wednesday night, September 19, 2018. Then we’re going to see another LIVE eviction show this Thursday night,September 20, 2018. If everything goes Level 6’s way,both Sam and JC will be gone after these two evictions.

If that happens, we’ll see Tyler, Angela and Kaycee be the last three standing to battle it out in the final three part Head Of Household competition! We’ll have to wait and see how things actually play out though. JC has expressed that he’s very hungry to win a competition. There will be two of them left after Sam’s eviction. If JC can pull either an HOH or POV win out of a magic hat, he could change everything.

On the flip side, it is highly unlikely for JC. He just hasn’t been very good in these competitions, but you just never know. He might surprise us.

Again, another new episode of Big Brother season 20 is scheduled to air this Wednesday night,September 19, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It’s going to feature the Power of Veto competition, Kaycee’s Power of Veto ceremony, the eviction of either Sam or JC and more. So, be sure to tune to see all that good stuff. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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