‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Quinn Forrester Is About To Rip Into A New Victim This Week

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Quinn Forrester Is About To Rip Into A New Victim This Week

Hey,”Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We’re back at you with another, major plotline report. This time, it involves the very high strung Quinn Forrester. That’s right. She’s going to be back at it again. She just completely ruined things for poor, crazy Pam in these past, couple of episodes. However, it would seem that Quinn’s dirty deeds are never done. At least, not for the time being as we are officially hearing that she’s about to rip right into another victim and try to make their lives a living hell.

We’ve mentioned this new victim in some previous articles. But now, it’s time to revisit it since the drama is about to go down this week! The new victim we are talking about is none other than Donna Logan. Since she’s now back on a fulltime basis, it will seem more and more like she wants to make a play for Eric. Well, Quinn will certainly think she is, and that’s all that matters.


CBS’ official description tells us, “Quinn eavesdrops as Eric and Donna reminisce about their past over a bottle of honey bear.” An alternate description reads like this, “Quinn overhears Donna and Eric looking back on their past over a bottle of honey bear.”

Some other descriptions reads like this, “Donna reminds Quinn that she and Eric have a past. Quinn senses that Donna would like to rekindle her love with Eric, and things turn scary.”

As you most of you can imagine, Quinn is not going to be very happy about this new discovery, and she will proceed to totally go off on poor Donna. But don’t feel too sorry for Donna because we’re also hearing that Donna isn’t just going to break down like that mental case Pam. Oh, no, no, no. We’re hearing that Donna will most definitely have a backbone in this situation, and she will come firing right back at Quinn!

CBS’description tells us, “Donna gives as good as she gets when confronted by Quinn about her intentions with Eric.” An alternate description reads like this, “Donna stands up to Quinn when she confronts her about Eric.”


Also, since Pam absolutely despises Quinn at this point, she is going to totally jump on Donna’s bandwagon to support her! CBS description tells us, “Donna has Pam on her side.”

CBS also released a new preview clip for this week’s November 5 to November 9, 2018 episodes. It gives us a few glimpses at these new Donna and Quinn, dramatic interactions. In one of the scenes, Quinn is seen telling Donna, “If you try to get your hooks into my husband, I’ll destroy you.” Whoo! We like this scene because Donna doesn’t seem afraid or upset at all like Pam was. In fact, Donna seems quite amused by the threat. We’re very much looking forward to seeing how well Donna fires back at Quinn. It looks like this could develop into a major, ongoing war between these two.

Not be ignored, the new preview clip features some other juicy storylines. One in particular, is that crooked Dollar Bill Spencer is looking to get payback against Ridge Forrester after finding out he had some illegal involvement in the Will custody case. At one point in the clip, Brooke is seen telling Ridge, “You dug Bill’s grave!” Another scene features Bill telling Brooke, “Ridge wants payback including stealing my son from me.” The next scene shows Brooke telling Ridge, “Bill’s on to you. He’s not gonna let this go.”

It all looks quite dramatic to say the very least, and it looks like Ridge is about to be in quite a bit of legal trouble if Bill exposes him. As we mentioned in a previous article, Bill is going to bring on his trusty, tech dwarf Ken to hack Ridge’s emails and text messages in an effort to uncover Ridge’s illegal involvement in the Will custody battle. After that, Bill and his main man Justin Barber are going to cook up a big,scandalous trap for Ridge and judge McMullen. It sounds like it could be a pretty, juicy plotline.


On a more positive note, it looks like we’ll see Steffy continue to have a lot more fun showing off her new “Intimates” fashion line on the runway. In the preview clip, Steffy is seen saying, “Ready for this?!” Then it cuts to a flurry runway modeling scenes.


We’re also hearing that Steffy is going to actually model the showstopper at one point! CBS’ description tells us, “Steffy models the showstopper in the first Intimates line fashion show.” An alternate description reads like this, “Steffy shines as she models the showstopper in the first official Intimates fashion show.”

So, look for Steffy to continue to have a seemingly good time while she goes through her “I don’t need a man” phase. You guys can view the new preview clip for the upcoming “Bold And The Beautiful” November 5 to November 9, 2018 episodes over on Youtube by Clicking Here.


Alright guys. That wraps it up for this latest Bold And The Beautiful report, but definitely stay tuned for more. The “Bold And The Beautiful” airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Be sure to follow us on our “Bold And The Beautiful” Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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  1. overit says:

    these are what u refer to as juicy stories?? THINK AGAIN!!! This is all bs fillers because none of it I care about. Donna the whore should know her place. WHat is she like 50 something? The WHOREgans never stop home wrecking. Quinn shouldnt have to protect her marriage nor should Pam get involved. This is a horrible story line. Neither should Eric & Donna be reminiscing AGAIN!! Once was enough when she was in lingerie in the middle of the day when WIll could have came home any second. WHat a whore. Then this shyt with Bill. NOBODY cared who got Will or didnt. He could fall off a cliff & the fans wouldnt care. This BS between him, Ridge & the Judge is BS!! Lets get to the HOpeless losing her baby story line. Lets get to Lame boy running to STeffy when it happens and Steffy turning him away. Sending him back to his BABYLESS WIFE!! Lets see STeffy & Leo have the love affair Steffy deserves. CAN YOU HIRE REAL WRITERS CBS? THE ONES YOU HAVE SUCK BALLS!! Not watching this BS.

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