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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Ryan Lochte Talked Getting The Backdoor Boot, Lolo Jones Drama And More

Hey, fellow Big Brother peeps. You guys remember good ole Ryan Lochte, right? He was the one who just got the backdoor boot from Celebrity Big Brother season 2 this past Monday night, January 28, 2019. Since then,he talked about his experience with the folks over at TVinsider.com.

He revealed that Lolo owes him a big apology for all her drama, Joey Lawrence and Jonathan Bennett are his new best friends, he knew that backdoor boot was coming and more.

The first thing Ryan talked about was when he walked in on the other houseguests chatting. Then they immediately got quiet. He said he knew it was pretty much all over for him at that point. He went on to reveal that the reigning HOH at the time Kato Kaelin gave him a big hint he was leaving the day before.

Ryan explained, “I saw the writing on the wall. When any group is whispering, and you come in that room and they’re completely shocked and surprised, you know they’re talking about you. I definitely knew. I kind of knew the day before the eviction just because what Kato said to me.

I asked him man-to-man if I needed to start packing because I wanted to pack all my stuff. I didn’t want someone else to do it for me. He told me ‘yeah,’ which I respect. He gave me an honest answer. Once the veto was used by Tom, I definitely knew I was going to be put on the block and go home. It was because I was the biggest threat in the house.”

After that, Ryan revealed that he became really good friends with actors Jonathan Bennett and Joey Lawrence stating, “I’m walking out of this house with two really good friends Jonathan Bennett and Joey Lawrence. It’s amazing how genuine these people are. I’m so happy I was able to do this show. All the competitions make me want to try even harder for 2020.”

Ryan talked about the problems he encountered with fellow Olympian Lolo Jones. Ryan revealed that he heard about all the drama Lolo stirred up about him, and he definitely thinks she owes him an apology. He stated, “I didn’t do anything to her. From her flipping me off, and what I’ve been hearing is during the live feeds she has been back-talking me and being really negative towards me. I’m going to let her apologize. I didn’t do anything wrong, but I’m still going to stay positive and keep doing me. But I wish her all the best and hope she can pull off this win.”

Ryan revealed that he wanted people to get to know the real Ryan Lochte, and he hopes that they did during his short time in the house. He stated, “I wanted people to know me. The real Ryan Lochte. My family and really close friends see that, but not everyone else. They know me from headlines that portray me differently. I’m hoping they saw that and what a big heart I have. How nice and loyal I am. Hopefully, people got to see that.”

Ryan revealed that his fellow houseguest Joey Lawrence got him into the habit of eating more healthy while in the house, and he plans to keep it up outside of the house. Ryan explained, “Talk about just eating constantly because you’re bored. When you’re bored, all you want to do is eat. That’s all you can do. But with hanging with Joey, who eats really healthy, I’ve eaten healthier than I ever have.

I’m a swimmer. So, we burn a load of calories that we eat. You have to eat so many calories. I would eat junk food. I was drinking like six sodas a day. Being in the Big Brother house, I didn’t want to have a soda. I was eating healthy, and it was amazing. Now that I’m out, I want to keep eating healthy. I want to do everything I can to be in the best physical shape for 2020. I’m definitely really happy this happened for me.”

Ryan definitely wants Joey to win, but he knows Joey doesn’t really have much of prayer at winning. So realistically, he thinks Eva Marie or Kato would win the whole thing.

Ryan had some very positive things to say about Kato stating, “Kato was an athlete. So, he has the athleticism there. He is also smart. He plays poker so he can read people. I think that is really good. He knows when people are BS-ing him or not. Hopefully, that works for him.”

Lastly, Ryan talked about his 2020 Olympic swimming plans. Apparently,he has a new appreciation for the sport, and he’s ready to prove he can get back on top. He explained, “After the 2012 Olympics, I fell out of love with the sport of swimming. I think I was doing it to collect a paycheck. Now, since my son was born, I have a new appreciation for the sport.

I’m having so much more fun than I’ve ever had in swimming. I’m more determined. I have a hunger inside me to win and prove to my son that if you never give up and keep trying on a daily basis, you can achieve anything. That’s what I want to show him. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in 2020.”

Alright guys. What did you think about Ryan’s new interview? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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