New ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers For April 22, 2019 Episode Revealed

New ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers For April 22, 2019 Episode Revealed

Happy Friday and weekend, “Days Of Our Lives” fans. We hope you guys got an absolute kick out of today’s April 19, 2019 big, week-ending episode. Of course, now that it’s over, you know what time it is , right? Sure you do! It’s time to see what the next, new April 22, 2019 episode will have in store.

The kind folks over at NBC were gracious enough to reveal a few things we can expect to see. So, we’ll be going over what they had to say in this spoiler teaser session.

It sounds like Monday’s new April 22, 2019 episode will certainly feature some very dramatic and interesting scenes as Ciara’s dangerous drama with the cartel continues! Kate overhears a shady phone call and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Kate situation. It turns out that she’s going to be quite busy, eavesdropping on a phone call that Ted is having in regards to Chloe!

NBC’s official description tells us, “Kate overhears Ted on the phone discussing Chloe.” An alternate description reads like this, “Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) gets suspicious when she eavesdrops on Ted Laurent (Gilles Marini) talking on the phone about Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin).”

We think this situation could get real interesting. In Kate’s mind, Ted shouldn’t be talking about Chloe. It’s believed that Kate could possibly get even more suspicious about this strange phone call. Suspicious enough to find out that Ted actually has ties to the cartel that’s out to get Chloe! If that happens, we expect to see all hell break lose, and that will absolutely be a sight to see. We definitely think you guys should keep this plotline on your radar.

The second spoiler teaser reveals that poor Ciara will still be at the mercy of the wicked cartel member that has ambushed her and Gabi! And let’s not forget that he also shot Rafe! Oh no! Fortunately for Gabi, she seems to be in the clear, but that won’t be the case for Ciara. Fortunately for Ciara, Hope and Ben are cooking up a plan to rescue her, and we definitely pretty much know things will work out for the better as far as Ciara in concerned. A couple of future teasers gave that away.

For example, later next week, we will see Ciara having a good ole, love-making time with Ben. You can’t do that if you’re still captured by the cartel, right? No, we didn’t think so either. So, definitely look for Ciara to get out of this very sticky situation either by her own resourcefulness or by Ben and Hope’s rescue mission.

Alright guys. That is going to wrap it up for this spoiler session. We didn’t get as many storyline descriptions for the April 22, 2019 episode that we usually get from NBC. We’re not sure why that is. Hopefully, they will offer a little bit more for Tuesday’s April 23, 2019 episode.

As usual, definitely expect to see a ton of other scenes take place in this long,one-hour series.

“Days Of Our Lives” airs every Monday through Friday at 12 pm central standard time on NBC. Stay tuned.

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