‘Amazing Race’ June 5, 2019 Eliminated Big Brother’s Rachel & Elissa (Episode 8 Recap)

‘Amazing Race’ June 5, 2019 Eliminated Big Brother’s Rachel & Elissa (Episode 8 Recap)

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  1. Roberta says:

    I am so happy that the O’Reilly sisters got eliminated tonight because they are very poor sports and they set a terrible example of representing what the amazing race is all about.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very happy

  3. kaTE says:

    I thought there was a strict rule that if you didn’t show up with your CLUE in hand, you were either eliminated or had to go back and retrieve it!?! The Amazing Race has gotten rid of:
    1. Eating really gross foods.
    2. Most things to do with swimming,
    3. Actual hard tasks, like the time they had to go in the German? roomful of ringing telephones and answer them to hear a message (virtually impossible with all the noise). The legs seem so much easier – did they have a hard time recruiting contestants in recent years??
    5. THE MONEY PER LEG! They used to have to actually pay their way with a limited amount per leg.
    6. No one ever gets hurt. Not wishing they did, but are they editing out any injuries?
    7. Are smartphones now allowed? If yes, that sucks as far as them not getting lost. If they are allowed, why *are* so many still getting lost and not using them for “translator” – actually, no one has had a hard time in a cab with a language barrier.
    This show has jumped the shark, SADLY!! I’ve watched every season, but this may be my last.

  4. kaTE says:

    Can this please be Rachel’s last repeat appearance on TAR!!

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