The Bachelorette July 30, 2019 Picked Jed Wyatt To Be Her Husband, But It Turned Bad (Finale Recap)

The Bachelorette July 30, 2019 Picked Jed Wyatt To Be Her Husband, But It Turned Bad (Finale Recap)

Hey, “The Bachelorette” fans. Tonight, July 30, 2019, the big part 2 finale episode did indeed air, and man did it provide some shockers. It started off with footage of Hannah highlighting the qualities of both her final two guys Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron. At one point, they showed both Jed and Tyler picking out their wedding rings for Hannah.

After all of that, they showed footage of Hannah being driven to that mountain where the final proposals take place, but she looked quite distraught during the car ride there.


At one point, she told the driver, “I can’t do this. Can you stop the car? Will you please stop the car?” Then she got out of the car and fell down in the middle of the friggin street crying, “I can’t do this!”

They eventually helped her to her feet. Apparently, that drama was just temporary because the next scenes showed Hannah on the mountain top like that crazy mess didn’t just happen. She was smiling and waiting for her guys to show up. Hannah was seen holding the final rose. So, this was some serious stuff.

Tyler C showed up first. He greeted Hannah with a big hug. Then he started to give her a speech. She cut him off and told him,”Tyler, I’m so lucky to be loved by you. You’ve done everything that I’ve asked and more. My life with you would be amazing, but I love someone else. I’m so sorry.”

Tyler said, “That’s gonna hurt, but I will continue to be your biggest fan. I wish you nothing but success. I mean that. I wish you success with Jed. You guys will be great.”


After that, they hugged, and Hannah walked Tyler out to his exit car. Tyler told the private cams, “I thought this was it. It feels like a million upper cuts to the gut right now.”

Next, they showed Jed’s footage. He showed up to the mountain with his guitar in hand to greet Hannah. He gave her a very loving speech. Then he said, “Talking is sometimes hard.” So, he burst into song with his guitar to make this “The Bachelorette: The Musical.”

Hannah loved the song and told Jed, “I love you Jed Wyatt.” Jed said, “Hannah, will you marry me?” Hannah said, “Yes, I love you. I didn’t even look at the ring, but I’m sure it’s really pretty.”

Hannah capped everything off by asking Jed, “Will you accept my final rose?” He,of course, said yes, and they screamed “We’re engaged!”


At this point,host Chris Harrison revealed that after Hannah and Wyatt got engaged, the nightmare started. Apparently, it was revealed that Jed actually had a girlfriend before the show started.


Jed described this girl as someone he just hung out with. However, a big tabloid article came out, claiming something very different.

Hannah was seen telling the private cams, “Jed muddied our relationship, and that’s not what I said yes to. I don’t know how I feel about Jed at this point.”


Next, they showed footage of Jed coming over to Hannah’s place to talk about all the claims and allegations. At first, Jed tried to tell Hannah that he and the girl never really dated and that their fling ended when he came on the show.


However, after Hannah pried some more intel out of him, he confessed to going on a few dates with her and sleeping with her a couple of times. At one point, he said the girl even planned out a whole trip to celebrate his birthday and what not. If that’s not enough, Jed also confessed to telling the girl he loved her a few times!

Jed said when he first came on the show, he thought it would just be a way to get his music out there. He never thought he would really find love on a reality show. He said of the other girl, “When I landed in L.A., it was like a goodbye for me in my heart.” He admitted it wasn’t the right way to end things.


Hannah said, “This is humiliating for me. My family’s getting messages about this. This is very hurtful. I know what I want. I feel betrayed.”

Jed said, “You’re everything I’ve always wanted in a woman. I said it,and I meant it. The reason I held back details from you was because I was scared you would walk away from me. I’m not proud of it,but it’s just the truth.”

Hannah said, “I was told half truths and lies. You got to see all of me. I didn’t get to see all of you. I feel like all my decisions and choices were all tainted.”

Jed said, “I want to be better for you and me, but I’m gonna need some grace. I’m not perfect.” Hannah said, “I understand, but this is not what I said yes to.” Then she took her engagement ring off and laid it on the table..

After all of that, Hannah joined host Chris Harrison LIVE in the studio. She basically explained everything they just showed in the footage. Then she confirmed that she’s no longer with Jed anymore. She said, “The engagement is over. That’s not what I said yes to. I know that I deserve more than that.”

Next, Jed came out an apologized to Hannah again and basically said everything he said in the footage. Hannah told Jed, “I appreciate your apology ,and I hope you can learn from this and grow for whoever else is in your future.”

Jed said he still loves Hannah the same way he did when he got down on one knee. Hannah said she didn’t still love Jed the same way because a relationship can’t start out with lies and deceit.

Jed said, “I’m sorry that you don’t still feel the same way about me, and that my actions caused that. I still wish nothing but happiness for you in the future. I’ll always be there for you in any way that I can.” Hannah said, “Thanks, I wish that for you too.”


After Jed left, Hannah said she was proud of herself for the strong woman she’s become through all of this. In the past, she would cave in to a man she didn’t trust. She said, “I want a husband, but I don’t need a husband.”


After that, they brought Tyler C out to talk to Hannah. Tyler said of Hannah, “I’m excited to see her. She looks great. I’m impressed with how strong she is through all of this.”

To make a long story very short, Hannah eventually told Tyler C that her feelings for him have not gone away, and she asked him out for drinks. Tyler said yes. So, it appears that they could get their thing started back up. Only time will at this point because Hannah’s season is officially over.

That’s it, guys. That is a wrap on Hannah Brown’s crazy season. This coming Monday, August 5, 2019, the first episode of “Bachelor In Paradise” is scheduled to air in the 7 pm central time slot on ABC. It’s going to be a 2-hour premiere.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelorette” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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