‘Dancing With The Stars’ November 11, 2019 Eliminated Sean Spicer & Jenna (Recap)

‘Dancing With The Stars’ November 11, 2019 Eliminated Sean Spicer & Jenna (Recap)

Hey, “Dancing With The Stars” fans. Tonight, November 11, 2019, another LIVE results/performances show did indeed air. All the judges: Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba were on hand. However, they were joined by a 4th, guest judge tonight. It was season 4 contestant and former NSYNC boyband star Joey Fatone.

Tonight, the theme was popular boyband and girl group songs. They started out with the girl group songs.


The first couple up to bat was James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater. They did a Jive routine to the song, “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters.

Afterwards, Len told James, “I liked the speed on the underarm turns and the kicks and flicks.” Joey said, “You make it look easy ,and you have been consistent.” Bruno said, “You danced it very well, but it could have more pump into the leg.” Carrie Ann said, “It was excellent, and I loved the smoothness and finesse. However, you were a little off at the very beginning.”

Carrie Ann gave James a 9 score, Len a 9, Joey a 9, Bruno a 9 for a total of 36 points out of a possible 40 points.

Sean Spicer and Jenna Johnson hit the stage next. Sean’s usual partner Lindsey Arnold was still out from being with her family due to the death of her mother in law. Sean and Jenna did an Argentine Tango dance to the song, “Bills, Bills. Bills” by Destiny’s Child.


Afterwards, Joey told Sean, “I liked your frame, but not whatever you were doing with your feet. Your fluidity was stompy.” Bruno said, “You try very hard, but the routine was more of an Argentine struggle.”

Carrie Ann said, “I appreciate how much effort you’re putting into the competition, but you’re missing the artistry in your dancing.” Len said, “The best thing about it was that it wasn’t very long. You were just walking about.” Carrie Ann gave Sean a 7 score, Len a 6, Joey a 7, Bruno a 6 for a total of 26 points.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten arrived on stage next to serve up a Salsa routine to the song, “No Scrubs” by TLC.

Afterwards, Bruno told Hannah, “I like that your confidence is growing, but tonight, the timing went off. You’re still a star attraction.”


Carrie Ann said, “I loved your attitude, but the lifts were out of sorts.” Len said, “The lifts were good, but you occasionally got ahead of the music.” Joey said, “What matters is that you had fun, but I admit that the lifts were a little sloppy.” Carrie Ann gave Hannah an 8 score, Len an 8, Joey an 8, Bruno an 8 for a total of 32 points.


Next up, was Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber. They delivered a Samba dance to the song, “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.

Afterwards, Carrie Ann told Ally, “It was amazing, and you were so in sync. You were flawless.” Len said, “There was tons of recognizable samba with great technique.”


Joey said, “You were amazing.” Bruno said, “I want more of that. It was a proper, technically absolutely right samba.” Carrie Ann gave Ally a perfect 10 score, Len a 10, Joey a 10, Bruno a 10 for a total of 40 perfect points!


After that, Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko had to follow them up with a Quickstep routine to the song, “Can’t Hurry Love” by the Supremes.

Afterwards, Len told Lauren, “There were a couple of moments that weren’t quite dead on point.” Joey said, “There were a couple of issues here and there.”


Bruno said, “You captured the emotion of it, but it was slightly behind the music. Carrie Ann said, “I thought it was fantastic.” Carrie Ann gave Lauren a 9 score, Len a 9, Joey an 8, Bruno an 8 for total of 34 points.

Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson were up next with a Paso Doble number to the song, “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue.

Afterwards, Joey told Kel, “You did a great job.” Bruno said, “I loved the power of the performance, but you have to be careful not to close in the lines because you tightened up a bit.”

Carrie Ann said, “Free you arms. Your use of the space was too small.” Len said, “It had too many gimmicks and not enough paso doble for me.” Carrie Ann gave Kel an 8 score, Len an 8, Joey a 9, Bruno a 9 for a total of 34 points.

At this point, the couples did another round of performances to boy band songs. Once again, James Van Der Been and Emma Slater kicked off this round with a Jazz routine to the song, “Bye, Bye, Bye,” by NSYNC.

Afterwards, Len told James, “It was too much boy band, and not enough dancing together with Emma.” Joey said, “It was awesome.” Bruno said, “You could have spent more time dancing with your partner.”

Carrie Ann said, “I respect that you give 300 percent, but your elbows were a little low.” Carrie Ann gave Len a 9 score, Len an 8, Joey a 10, Bruno a 9 for a total of 36 points.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten served up a Tango routine to the song, “Boy with Luv” by BTS. Afterwards, Joey said, “It was fantastic and so far the best dance of the night.”


Bruno said, “It brought passion,and it was elegant.” Carrie Ann said, “You brought back your A game.” Len said, “It was a little bit loose on occasion, but it was otherwise well done.”


Carrie Ann gave Hannah a perfect 10 score, Len a 9, Joey a 10, Bruno a 10 for a total of almost perfect 39 points.

Next, Sean Spicer and Jenna Johnson hit the dance floor to deliver a Foxtrot routine. Afterwards, Bruno told Sean, “You’re definitely solid and consistent, and your technique always goes in one direction. You presented it well even though it was clumpy instead of fluid.”

Carrie Ann said, “Unfortunately, you lost your step in the middle of it. You’re doing the best you can.” Len said, “It flowed. Then it splattered, and a couple of drips and eventually it stopped completely.”

Joey said, “You give 100 percent. You take a beating and just keep going.” Carrie Ann gave Sean a 6 score, Len a 6, Joey a 6, Bruno a 6 for a total of 24 points.

Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko arrived on stage next to dance a Rumba number to the song, “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

Afterwards, Carrie Ann told Lauren, “I can’t believe how far you’ve grown. I like your confidence and sensuality, but you need to worry about breathing through your movements.”

Len said, “I liked it. It was sure-footed. Well done.” Joey joked, “I would give it a zero based on the son, but the dancing was amazing.” Bruno said, “It was smokey and smoldering.” Carrie Ann gave Lauren a 9 score, Len a 9, Joey a 9, Bruno a 9 for a total of 36 points.

Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson danced up a Viennese Waltz to the song, “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz II Men.

Afterwards, Len told Kel, “It was a really polished performance.” Joey said, “You did a great job.” Bruno said, “You danced like a perfect gentleman, and your musical phrasing was spot-on. They were sensational.”

Carrie Ann said, “What impressed me the most was you took direction after my criticisms of your first dance. Carrie Ann gave Kel a perfect 10 score, Len a 10, Joey a 10, Bruno a 10 for a perfect 40 score!

Next, Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber wrapped up the performances with a Jazz routine to the song, “Step by Step” by New Kids on the Block.

Afterwards, Joey told Ally, “The energy was absolutely amazing.” Bruno said, “It was pure pop delight. I compare you to Paula Abdul.” Ally was totally elated by that compliment.

Carrie Ann said, “It was flawless again, and thank you for making it so much fun.” Len said, “Your bubbly personality was reflected in the dance.” Carrie Ann gave Ally a perfect 10 score, Len a 10, Joey a 10, Bruno a 10 for another perfect 40 score!

Next, they revealed the results. Everyone was safe except for Sean Spicer & Jenna Johnson and Lauren Alaina & Gleb Savchenko. The judges got to save one of these two couples, and it was a no brainer.

Carrie Ann totally saved Lauren and so did Bruno. We’re pretty sure Len would have saved Lauren too, but his vote was not needed. Sean Spicer’s amazing luck had officially run out, and he was finally eliminated tonight.

How do you guys feel about Sean Spicer & Jenna Johnson getting eliminated in tonight’s November 11, 2019 LIVE performances/results show? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

You guys can watch all of tonight’s November 11, 2019 performances on the official Youtube channel for “Dancing With The Stars” by Clicking Here.

The next,new Dancing With The Stars episode is scheduled to air next Monday night, November 18, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Dancing With The Stars” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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