‘SWAT’ Season 3, February 5, 2020 Episode 14 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

‘SWAT’ Season 3, February 5, 2020 Episode 14 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

Hey, “S.W.A.T.” fans. We are coming at you with some unfortunate bad news in this article. It turns out that CBS is giving your favorite show SWAT a bit of a break. That means they won’t be airing the next, new episode 14 of SWAT’s current season 3 tonight,February 5, 2020.

As I mentioned earlier, SWAT is on a break right now. So, CBS also won’t be airing the new episode 14 next Wednesday, February 12, 2020, February 19, 2020 or February 26, 2020.


No, no, no. The official airdate for episode 14 is set for Wednesday night, March 4, 2020 in its usual 9 pm central standard time slot on CBS of course. So, be sure to memorize that very important date, or be sure to write it down on something.

So, what will CBS air instead of SWAT tonight? Well, according to the TV Guide listings, CBS is airing a new episode of “Criminal Minds.” It’s the 7th episode of its current 15th season. It’s titled, “Rusty.”

CBS’ official description for it reads like this, “The BAU team travels to Denver to investigate several murders. Prentiss is forced to evaluate her relationship with Special Agent Andrew Mendoza.”

Then next Wednesday night, February 12, 2020, CBS will be airing another new episode of Criminal Minds in the 9 pm central standard time slot. That one will be the 8th episode of its 15th and last season. It’s titled, “Family Tree.”


CBS’ description for it reads like this, “Prentiss and J.J. are faced with important decisions to make about their futures as the BAU travels to Beaumont, Texas to investigate a series of murdered businessmen on CRIMINAL MINDS.”

It appears that CBS is trying go ahead and use the rest of February 2020 to wrap up the last season of Criminal Minds. It only has 10 episodes scheduled. So, it should wrap up by the end of February 2020, and then you guys can get back to the 3rd season of good ole SWAT.

If any of you guys are fans of Criminal Minds as well, you might still want to keep watching CBS during this multiple week, SWAT break. If you’re not a fan of Criminal Minds, you will definitely want to rearrange your Wednesday night schedules for the rest of this month.

Normally, we would tell what’s coming up in the next,new episode 14 of SWAT, but CBS has yet to release any type of promotional materials for it. So, we’ve got nothing for you in that regard. Not even a friggin title.


What we do have is the current ratings and LIVE viewership numbers for SWAT’s current 3rd season. So, let’s take a look at the numbers.


They look just ok to me. It’s bringing in an average of 3.901 million LIVE viewers per episode along with a 0.57 ratings score for the 18-49 year old demographics.

The last episode 13 that aired last week January 29, 2020 brought in 4.446 million LIVE viewers and a 0.64 ratings score. That one was undoubtedly one of the show’s strongest performing episodes this season.


CBS has yet to give SWAT a new season 4 order, but they have yet to renew a lot of their shows. So, it’s still quite early. We’ll just have to wait and see what CBS decides to do.


Those numbers do seem a little weak compared to other CBS shows of the same type, but at the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS does renew it.

Again, CBS confirmed that the next, new episode 14 of SWAT’s 3rd season is scheduled to air on Wednesday night, March 4, 2020 at approximately 9 pm central standard time.


Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “S.W.A.T.” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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