‘Tough As Nails’ August 26, 2020 Eliminated No One From Individual Competitions (Recap)

‘Tough As Nails’ August 26, 2020 Eliminated No One From Individual Competitions (Recap)

Hey, “Tough As Nails” fans. Tonight, August 26, 2020, another episode of “Tough As Nails” did indeed air. However, in this particular episode, no one got eliminated from the individual competition because it was all about them wrapping up the team competitions.

That’s right, guys. They finally revealed who was the best team in this episode to claim the $60,000 dollar team, grand prize.


They did so by serving up a final team challenge. At this point, Dirty Hands still led over the Savage crew 4-3 in competition wins. So, if the Savage Crew won this one, they would tie things up 4-4, win $12,000 dollars and send things to a tie-breaker.

If the Dirty Hands crew won, they would win $12,000 and the additional $60,000 for the overall team victory.

In this team challenge, they had to compete in different wood chopping contests: the handsaw, the chainsaw and axe. A member from each team competed against a member from another team. Whoever won, collected a mini axe. The first team to win five of those mini axes, won this team challenge.

To get things started, Lee chose to go up against Murph. Then Murph got to pick the challenge, which was the handsaw competition. In it, they had to saw off one circle slice or cookie of wood off of a log. The first one to do it, won. Murph won it for the Savage Crew.


Next, Young went up against Melissa in the electric chainsaw competition. In it, they had to saw away two circles or cookies of wood from a log for the win. Young won it for the Savage Crew

After that, Miles chose to go against Michele in a axe, log-chopping competition. In it, they had to chop a log in half for the win. Miles won it for Dirty Hands

Next,Luis chose to go against Callie. Then Callie chose the chainsaw competition where they had to saw away two circles of wood from a log for the win. Luis won it for the Savage Crew.

Next, Linda chose to go against Tara. Tara chose the handsaw competition. Tara won it for the Savage Crew


Next, Danny went up against Linnett in the axe, log-chopping competition. Danny won it for Dirty hands.


Next, Lee chose to go against Murph again. Then Murph chose the handsaw competition. Lee won it for Dirty Hands.

Finally, Young chose to go against Melissa again in the chainsaw competition. Young won it again for the Savage crew to get their 5th axe and team competition win! So, they tied the team competitions 4-4 and collected $12,000.


After that, they had to do a special tie-breaker competition to finally see which team would claim the overall team prize of $60,000 dollars.


In the tie-breaker round, one member from the two teams had to complete all three wood-cutting competitions that they just did. The first one to win, won this final team challenge and the $60,000 for their team.

The Dirty Hands crew chose Danny to compete in this one for them. The Savage Crew chose Murph to compete for them. So, Danny went up against Murph for the final team challenge.


When it was all said and done, Danny just edged out Murph for the overall team victory and the $60,000 dollars cash for the Dirty Hands crew! The rest of the Savage Crew told Murph they are still proud of him and gave him a hug. “He bled for us,” Michele said.

So, just to recap, the Dirty Hands team won the overall team competition in this episode to claim the grand prize of $60,000 dollars.

In next week’s new episode, we’re going to see the finals for the individual competition. The grand prize for that one is the whopping $200,000 dollar grand prize!

The next,new finale episode of “Tough As Nails” is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, September 2, 2020 at approximately 8 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Tough As Nails” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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