Amazing Race October 14, 2020 Eliminated Nathan Worthington & Cody Buell (Recap)

Amazing Race October 14, 2020 Eliminated Nathan Worthington & Cody Buell (Recap)

Hey, “Amazing Race” fans. Tonight, October 14, 2020, was the magical night that CBS finally got the new season 32 of The Amazing Race on the air. Host Phil Keoghan revealed that the producers apparently were able to get this season filmed just before the terrible Covid pandemic struck and ruined all of our lives.

This brand new season 32 started off at the Hollywood Bowl. The contestants had to run to their gear/bags to get their first clue. This first clue told them they had to go to LAX airport and catch a flight to Trinidad to get their next clue.

Once they got to Trinidad,they had to take a taxi to a 24 hour fruit stand to get next their clue. This clue revealed that they had to roll a 500 pound barrel to a carnival celebration to get their next clue.


This clue told them to fly to Tobago. There were two flights. The first seven teams that rolled their barrel to the carnival celebration, got the first flights out. The last four teams got the second flights out.

When they got to Tabogo, the teams had to go to Swallow’s beach to get their next clue. Once they got it, they had to travel by boat to Nylon pool to get their next clue.

When they got to Nylon pool, they had to search through painted, toy fishes with unique color combinations that matched the toy fish they got on their boat. Once they found the right toy fish, they had to use the number on the fist to unlock the combination and get their next clue.

Kellie and LaVonne ran into a lot of trouble during this toy fish challenge, and it put them in last place.


Next, the teams had to go to Pigeon Point to get their next clue. Once they got there, they were presented with a Road Block challenge. During it, they had to learn how to play a piece of a song with a special instrument to get their next clue.

Once the teams finished the instrument,Road Block challenge, they had to go to the Buccoo Integrated Facility, which was the pit stop for this leg of the race.


When they got there, they had to race a goat across the finish line without losing its reigns to get their next clue. This was much tougher than it sounds because the goats ran quite fast. If they couldn’t keep up, those reigns went flying.


Hung & Chee arrived in first place, Vic & Michelle arrived in 2nd place. Leo & Alana came in 6th place, Eswar & Aparna arrived in 7th place, Kellie & LaVonne took 9th place, Gary & DeAngelo came in 10th place and Nathan & Cody showed up last.

We couldn’t get all the finishers because this thing was heavily edited, but everyone advanced to the next leg except for poor Nathan Worthington and Cody Buell. Phil confirmed that they were indeed eliminated for finishing last, and that was the premiere episode for The Amazing Race season 32.


The next, new episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, October 21, 2020 at approximately 8 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Amazing Race” TV show report,but definitely stay tuned for more.

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