New The Bachelorette Spoilers For October 27, 2020 Episode 3 Revealed

New The Bachelorette Spoilers For October 27, 2020 Episode 3 Revealed

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. We are back in action with some new Bachelorette spoilers scoops for the upcoming episode 3 of this 2020 edition with current headliner Clare Crawley.

The terrific folks over at ABC were nice enough serve up some teaser descriptions of what we can expect to see go down in episode 3 via their official episode 3 press release.

So, that’s what we’ll be working with in this spoiler session. Let’s get into it. This episode will start off with the crazy cocktail party footage that episode 2 ended off with.


Yosef will apparently attack Clare verbally about the choices she’s made. He had problems with her making the losers strip down naked during the dodgeball challenge, and he didn’t like how Clare reacted to the guys not talking to her right away during the group date afterparty in episode 2.

Clare is going to totally go off on Yosef for confronting her the way he did, and we’re pretty sure he’s going to get sent home right there on the spot. We would be very surprised if he doesn’t get sent packing immediately.

ABC’s official description for this whole Yosef debacle tells us, “Clare attempts to keep her journey to find everlasting love from careening off the rails this week. Yosef is particularly determined to confront the unsuspecting Bachelorette on a number of issues — only to have Clare heroically stand up to him.”

An alternate description reads like this, “During the cocktail party, as the men await their fate at the rose ceremony, Yosef’s harsh attack on Clare’s choices gets her immediate and courageous reaction. One man steps up to comfort her, but will she continue with the party?”


Next, former Bachelorette star DeAnna Pappas is going to make a surprise visit to see Clare, and Clare will spill the tea to DeAnna about what she thinks of the guys.

ABC’s description for this DeAnna Pappas and Clare scenario tells us, “Former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas pays a surprise visit to get the lowdown on Clare’s guys.”

An alternate description reads like this, “Clare reveals her innermost thoughts on the guys during DeAnna Pappas’s unexpected visit as the former Bachelorette sympathizes with Clare’s difficulty in her search to find love.”


After that, Clare is going to cancel the daytime portion of her group date with eight of the guys, but she will extend the after-party session to try and make up for it. However, all hell will break loose among the men when that doesn’t exactly happen the way they think it will!

ABC’s description for this group date, after-party scenario gone wrong tells us, “Things go awry when Clare decides to have an extended after-party with eight of the bachelors. Tensions mount when the men realize what is really going on.”

An alternate description reads like this, “Clare decides to cancel the daytime portion of her next group date but substitutes a longer after-party so she can have the extended quality conversations that are so important to her.

Although her suitors expect a party where they all share in Clare’s time and attention, things spiral out of control when they discover that is not the case. How will the men react and who will get the group date rose?”

At some point, Zach J will get a 1 on 1 date with Clare. They will end up going to a relaxing spa. Unfortunately for Zach and Clare, he will come on too strong for Clare, making her feel uncomfortable. In fact, it will be so bad that host Chris Harrison will have to step in to rescue Clare! Wow!


ABC’s description for this Zach J and Clare 1 on 1 date from hell tells us,”Zach J. is excited about his individual spa date with Clare, but his inability to relax might end in disaster.”

An alternate description reads like this, “A thrilled Zach J. feels extremely lucky to have Clare all to himself on what should have been a relaxing spa day. But he can’t resist the temptation to come on strong, making Clare feel a bit uncomfortable. Chris Harrison steps in to save the day.”


Lastly, there’s going to be another group date that features comedian Margaret Cho arriving on the scene. She will coach nine of the guys on how to do a proper roast.

During the roast, the guys are going to end up targeting one particular guy who they think is the frontrunner. So, it could get very ugly indeed. Also, this frontrunner guy will be Dale. We learned that from watching the episode 3 preview clip. You guys can watch it on Youtube by Clicking Here.

ABC’s description for this group date roast tells us, “Comedy favorite Margaret Cho makes a special guest appearance to help some of the men prepare for a roast before a live audience. However, these suitors have something more devious in mind.”

An alternate description reads like this, “The irrepressible Margaret Cho helps a group of nine guys prepare for a live roast of anybody and everybody: Clare, the other men, Chris Harrison.

But, once they learn that the audience consists of the other remaining men, they target their barbed humor on one man: the perceived frontrunner. Will Clare get their message or will their plan backfire?”

That sounds like it will be a very eventful episode, especially when Clare goes off on Yosef. I can’t wait to see that. So, get ready to see some more crazy drama with Clare Crawley in episode 3.

It’s all scheduled to go down this Tuesday night,October 27, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelorette” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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