MasterChef Season 11, June 9, 2021 Audition Results Revealed (Recap)

MasterChef Season 11, June 9, 2021 Audition Results Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “MasterChef” fans. Tonight, June 9, 2021, another new episode of MasterChef season 11 did indeed air with judges: Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich. This one featured more audition rounds to determine the top 15 chefs, and 4 more contestants made it through with an apron.

They brought on a special, 4th, guest judge Curtis Stone to join Gordon, Aaron and Joe. Also, Dorian Hunter, Sarah Faherty and Nick DiGiovanni from season 10 showed up for a special appearance.


Each of the contestants were given 45 minutes to prepare their special dish for the judges. Anne Hicks a 39-year old, small business owner from Kalamazoo, Michigan was up first with a Duck A La Cherry, mashed potatoes and bok choy dish.

Gordon said the duck was cooked beautifully. The stem is a mess.” Curtis said, “I’m happy with it. Good job. Aaron said, “The cooking of the duck was good.” Joe said, “It was overcooked, and the bok choy tastes like dirty water.” Gordon, Curtis and Aaron gave her a yes. Joe gave her a no. So, with 3 yeses, Anne Hicks made it through to the top 15 with an apron.

Next up was 25 year old Brit. She made a Thai Mahi Curry dish. Curtis said, “I like the spice level, but I’m bummed it was out of a jar.” Joe said, “It tasted like a milkshake. I expected more.” Brit did not get an apron.

31 year old Bernardo from Washington DC presented a Green Mole Leaf with white rice and caramelized onions. Curtis said, “It has too muck pumpkin seeds.” Gordon said, “It was the wrong cut of pork in there.” Joe said, “This is not the level we’re looking for. It’s the worst dish. It’s terrible.” Bernardo did not get an apron.


30 year old Josie from Atlanta made Brazilian tacos. Gordon said, “They need more protein aka meat. They’re a little pasty. I like the heat.” Curtis said, “They’re a little too dense.” Aaron said, “The onions are little aggressive.” Joe said, “They have some good flavors, but you missed the mark on the important things.” Josie did not get an apron

22 year old Abe from New York delivered a Crispy Skinned Red Snapper dish with Mexican cheese, salted pepper, Avocado Puree, deep-fried Tostado, and pico de gallo.

Gordon said, “The fish was cooked beautifully. I like it.” Curtis said, “The fish was cooked nicely. It was wonderful.” Aaron said, “I’m confused about why you put cheese on it. It nullifies the crispiness of the skin, and you don’t fry flour tortillas. You fry corn tortillas. It just didn’t jive with me.”


Joe said, “I liked the dish. It’s just missing the wow.” Gordon, Joe and Curtis gave Abe a yes. Aaron gave him a no. So, with 3 yeses, Abe made it through the top 15 with an apron.

32 year old Joseph from Houston,TX served up a Steamed Red Snapper fish dish with sweet sauce. Aaron said, ” Visually, it looks sophisticated and elegant.” Curtis said, “Your execution was perfect.” Aaron said, “The fact that you were able to cook with such skill shows a lot.”

Gordon said, “You cook with such poise, and I can taste it. Good job.” Joe said, “It was a perfect dish with no negative comments. Bravo.” Joseph made it through to the top 15 with an apron.

18 year old Nayha presented a Gobi Manchurian dish, which consisted of batterfried cauliflower, Indo-Chinese sauce, soy sauce and fried rice. Curtis said, “I love the way you used the cauliflower. It was nicely fried. However, it was not perfectly cohesive. I like some of the elements for sure.”

Aaron said, “It’s something special, but it’s a little immature.” Joe said, “It’s a bit unfocused, but there’s a lot to like.” Gordon said, “The soy sauce doesn’t go with this dish.” Curtis gave her a no, Aaron a no, Gordon a no and Joe a yes. So, with 3 nos, Nayha did not make it through. They said she’s just not ready yet.


Lastly, Annai Gonzales from Dallas,TX presented a Flank Steak Chili Relleno with Rice and Beans, tomato sauce, Oaxaca cheese, and Mexican crema. She said she quit her job to come on the show!

Curtis said, “It’s a good dish.” Aaron said, “It has all the traditional components. I’m not a fan of the sauce. The red sauce needs to be more vibrant.” Gordon said, “The dish is good, but you need to be very good. The steak was cooked beautifully.” Annai got a yes from all 4 judges. So, Annai made it through with an apron.


So, just to recap Annai Gonzales, Joseph, Anne Hicks and Abe made it through to the top 15 with aprons.

The next, new episode of MasterChef will feature the final audition rounds to determine the last 5 spots for the top 15 chefs. It’s scheduled to air next Wednesday night, June 16, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on FOX.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “MasterChef” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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