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This Is Us Season 2 To Bring On Sylvester Stallone For A Huge Guest Role,New Details

According to a new report from the folks over at Variety, NBC’s breakout hit drama “This Is Us” has hired former Rocky Balboa acting legend Sylvester Stallone (above right) to come on and fill a guest role. According to the show’s producer Dan Fogelman, Stallone’s role is supposed to be quite huge.

This news was first revealed at the TCA summer press tour on August 3,2017. Stallone will be playing himself on the show. According to Fogelman, he will guest star opposite Justin Hartley’s character Kevin Pearson. Read more »

Bold And The Beautiful Quinn To Have Even Greater Problems With Sheila,New Details

According to a few synopsis teasers from TV Guide for tomorrow’s August 15, 2017 episode, that big fight that went down between Quinn and Sheila today was just the beginning of Quinn’s woes with Sheila! They tell us that Quinn’s problems with this nutcase are only going to escalate from here on out and fast too! They’ll also be so much worse than what Quinn previously thought.

In the Wednesday, August 16,2017 episode, it’s revealed that we’ll see yet another situation regarding the Quinn and Sheila storyline. Read more »

Big Brother 19 Alex Made Extreme Fun Of Cody’s ‘Keep Me’ Pitch Last Night August 13

Alright, so yesterday August 13th we finally saw Cody try to pitch some sort of deal to the current HOH Alex and her main sidekick Jason in an effort to try to avoid his inevitable eviction this week. As a result, Alex and most of the other houseguests have been getting a good laugh out of it behind Cody’s back. The big conversation started at 6:33 pm Pacific time on the live feeds.

Cody came up to the HOH room to tell Alex and Jason what they already knew since it’s actually the plan this week. Cody said if Matt pulls Jason off the block, I’m going up. As the conversation continued, Cody told them things like, “I don’t know why you don’t trust me to move forward with you.” “They’re going to put you up next week.” Read more »

Big Brother 19 HOH Revealed All Eviction Nominees Yesterday August 11th

Late last night, August 11, 2017, the eviction nomination ceremony finally took place for Big Brother season 19. The current HOH Alex decided to nominate Jason and Elena for eviction this week. The real target is Cody. They plan to backdoor him again. According to Big Brother Network, Paul had originally volunteered to go up as a pawn instead of Jason.

However, Jason apparently just wouldn’t take no for an answer! He was actually begging to go up on the block because he wants to make sure he competes for the veto to make sure Cody doesn’t win it if he happens to get drawn. Read more »

Big Brother 19 Christmas And Mark Started Up A New Fight Today August 11th,New Details

Hey guys. These Big Brother 19 houseguests just will not give us a break. We got a new fight to report. This one went down between big Mark and Christmas at around 5:04 pm Pacific time on the live feeds August 11th,2017. Apparently, Mark told Christmas in the kitchen area that he had a problem with her throwing his name around to the current HOH Alex about talking game with Cody.

Christmas told him she was just letting her know what her observations were about the situation. Then Mark asked her why she whispered it and didn’t just bring it up in front of everyone. Christmas replied with, “I didn’t think it was appropriate at the time.” Read more »

New Big Brother 19 Third Eviction Nominee Just Got Revealed For Today August 11th

Alright guys. That whack Temptation competition is still apart of the Big Brother 19 season. It resulted from Jessica accepting the special “stop eviction” power a few weeks back. The houseguests just got done playing it today August 11th. According to Big Brother Network, Mark won it again which means he will be safe from eviction this week.

However, on the more unfortunate side of things, Matt finished in last place. So, that means he will be a third nominee in this week’s eviction. Currently, the reigning HOH Alex has not revealed her eviction nominees yet. Read more »

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 To Bring Back Jo’s Violent Husband Paul For Something Big

According to a new report from, the production team for ABC’s hit medical series, “Grey’s Anatomy” has decided to bring back Jo Wilson’s messed up husband Dr. Paul Stadler at some point in the upcoming 14th season. Former Glee star, Matthew Morrison (above) portrays the character. They say he confirmed his upcoming return to Grey’s Anatomy while doing a recent interview with The Argonaut.

He told them that the role is going to big stating, “It’s been a crazy ride since the show. I have a big role in Grey’s Anatomy coming up.” The last time we saw his Paul character in action was in the 23rd episode of season 13 titled, “True Colors.” Read more »

Big Brother 19 Jessica Got Disturbing Complaints For Unwanted Touching,New Details

According to a recent report from the folks over at TMZ, current Big Brother 19 houseguest Jessica Graf is getting a lot of complaints thrown around about how she pokes people in their buttholes. It’s also reported that she even tried to grab houseguest Alex’s private parts. TMZ posted a clip where Alex was seen complaining about it on the live feeds to Josh.

She told him, “Jessica actually makes me feel very uncomfortable. What I’m about to tell you is going to make you very uncomfortable.” After that, she went on to say that Jessica jams her hands up people’s butts and tried to touch her vagina! Read more »

General Hospital Looking To Cast A New Female Beauty For A Contract Role, New Details

According to a new report from soapcentral, the ABC General Hospital crew is currently on the search to cast a new, young female to join the cast in a full-on contract role. The official casting call describes her as being a beautiful, dynamic and complex young black woman that’s between the ages of 24 to 29 years old.

Unfortunately, there are no other details about this role. So, we don’t know what her name is or anything like that. Heck, there’s not even any information about when she’s due on the set or when her first onscreen appearance will be. Read more »

Big Brother 19 Finally Took Some Sort Of Action Against Josh’s Crazy Antics, New Details

According to a new report from, The Big Brother 19 production team finally did something about all the crazy antics that Josh has pulled lately. It’s in regards to the banging of the pots and pans. Apparently, after yesterday’s crazy debacle, they had reached their final straw with it.

There was a situation where Josh went to annoy the hell out of Jessica and Cody again with the pots and pans while they were in the backyard. He started banging them and doing his whole “da, da, da, da, da” song. Jessica tried to tell him to go away but he just kept it up. Read more »