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Sophie Clarke Won Survivor 23,South Pacific Tonight In The Finale Episode 14

Sophie Clarke won Survivor 23,South Pacific tonight in the finale episode 14. Tonight’s two hour finale episode kicked off with past scene from the entire season,leading up until tonight’s show. Then they showed commentary footage with Brandon and Ozzy at Redemption Island. He told Ozzy about the stupid move he made when he gave the immunity necklace to Albert. Ozzy gave a private interview,and basically said it was a very dumb move too.

Meanwhile,Coach blew up and went on a rant about people who lie and stuff. Then they showed the big,final Redemption Island duel between Ozzy and Brandon. The duel was simple. They had to hold their entire body weight up on a pole for as long as they could. The last man to hold on,won. They went for about 36 minutes,and Ozzy pulled it out,again,to return to the main game,while Brandon took a very deserving hike out of the game. Read more »

Britney Spears Spotted Showing Off Her New $200,000 Engagement Ring Other Day

Britney Spears spotted showing off her new $200,000 engagement ring other day. As previously reported,popstar icon Britney Spears recently got engaged to her long time boyfriend Jason Trawick. Then they went out and celebrated it in Las Vegas,Nevada this past Friday night,December 16th,and that’s when Britney flaunted her new engagement ring jewelry,which according to Hollywood Life’s sources, is estimated to be worth in the neighborhood of about $200,000 dollars.

According to sources, Britney and Jason took a private jet to Las Vegas and hit up planet Hollywood on Friday night. They were greeted by a ton of balloons at the club’s VIP entrance. After that,Britney changed clothes and joined her family members to reveal the ring. The ring is a reportedly 3-plus carat round stone ring, surrounded by pave-set diamonds, which were designed by Neil Lane. Read more »

Batman 3 Movie Giving Fans The Chance to Participate In The Bane Chant Scene Online

Batman 3 movie giving fans the chance to participate in the Bane chant scene online. According to a write up on Batman News, award winning Dark Knight Rises composer Hans Zimmer is currently giving fans from all over the world a chance to participate in the awesome Bane chant scene for the movie via his website called, UJAM.

On the site,fans can go there and record a chant for him,and it may get added into the movie as part of the Bane chant. Zimmer recently chatted about it with Collider,and revealed that he wanted to get hundreds of thousands of voices in on the chant,but that wasn’t easy,so he hopped on Twitter to ask people if they wanted to be part of it,and the response eventually melted his UJAM’s web servers,because tens of thousands of people a second were trying to access it. It was absolutely insane. Read more »

New ‘The Avengers’ Movie Photo Features Extreme Captain America Close Up Shot

New ‘The Avengers’ movie photo features extreme Captain America close up shot. Marvel recently dropped this new photo from their upcoming action/super hero flick “The Avengers,” and it features the awesome Captain America in full gear,and very close up. We got the photo from « First‹ Previous609610611612613614615616617Next ›Last »