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Facinelli Revealed New Twilight Breaking Dawn Wedding Details

Facinelli revealed new Twilight Breaking Dawn wedding details. Two days ago, MTV News recently chatted with Twilight Saga,Carlisle Cullen star Peter Facinelli,and he revealed new info from the filming of the upcoming Breaking Dawn flick,including the huge Bella and Edward wedding scene.

First, he revealed that he actually has another two weeks of second-unit stunt work to do for the film,so it isn’t quite over for him. He also revealed that the Bella and Jacob’s fight scene was very funny to watch. He was actually on set to see it being filmed.

Finally, he talked about the huge wedding scene. He revealed that the wedding scene was shot in the rain. However,we’ll never know it because they cut all that out with tarps and stuff. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Revealed He Was Terrified On WFE Movie Set

Robert Pattinson revealed he was terrified on WFE movie set. According to Hollywood Life, Robert Pattinson recently chatted with USA Today about his new “Water For Elephants” movie, and from what I’ve read, Rob didn’t have to do much acting to look terrified in a couple of the scenes because he was actually terrified. Apparently, some of those animals on the set,don’t mess around.

Rob filmed a scene with Christoph Waltz where he had to hand-feed a dangerous lion. Rob said, they did the first take,and the lion just ripped the fake arm in and wouldn’t give it back. He didn’t care about the meat. He just wanted to eat the fake arm. “I was absolutely terrified.” Read more »

Stefano Langone Eliminated From ‘American Idol 10′ Tonight In Round 7

stefano langone,american idol season 10 image

Stefano Langone eliminated from ‘American Idol 10′ tonight in round 7. Tonight’s elimination show kicked off with contestants Lauren,Haley,Stefano,and Jacob singing Train’s “Hey,Soul Sister” song to lead into the first break. After the break, they showed the contestant’s new Ford music video for the week. Then Casey,Scotty,and James sang a song together. Next, Ryan revealed that Casey was safe this week,and that Jacob landed in the bottom three to lead into the break.

After the break, former American Idol champ David Cook hit the stage to sing his song titled, “The Last Goodbye.” Afterwards,he caught up with Ryan a little bit to reveal what he’s going to be up to these days. He also had his mom meet Stephen Tyler because she’s always wanted to. Read more »

Serena Williams Spotted Back On Tennis Courts In Tight Bodysuit

    serena williams in tight pink bodysuit

Serena Williams spotted back on tennis courts in tight bodysuit. Ms. former number 1,female tennis star Serena Williams recently tweeted a sexy photo of herself back on the tennis courts last week. In the photo,she sporting a a mega-tight,pink,bodysuit that shows off her athletic figure quite well.

According to sources, Serena recently explained the reason why she had to sport such a hip-hugging outfit while out on the courts. She told People Magazine that after her hematoma incident,she has to wear something like a long bodysuit to keep her stomach warm,and that her practices are very interesting now. She went on to say that she didn’t realize that everyone would go crazy over the tweeted photo. Read more »

Baseline Leaked Possible 2012 ‘Superman’ Movie Script & Plot

superman logo
Baseline leaked possible 2012 ‘Superman’ movie script & plot. According to Reelempire, Baseline Studio System who are the same people who leaked M. Night Shyamalan’s secret script for his “Devil” movie before it was released, have now leaked a possible script for the upcoming 2012 Superman reboot movie. Apparently, they were totally correct about the Devil script,so this new Superman script appears to be more than speculation at this point.

Their leak reveals that a young reporter named Clark Kent will roam the world,covering various news stories. He will get compelled to use his secret powers to intervene in a crisis in West Africa,and return to Smallville to learn more about his origins and the hero he was born to be. Read more »

True Blood Alexander Scarsgard Seen Hangin With Actress Kirsten Dunst

    alexander skarsgard with kirsten dunst

True Blood Alexander Scarsgard seen hangin with actress Kirsten Dunst. True Blood,Eric Northman star Alexander Scarsgard was recently spotted hanging out with one of my favorite actresses Kirsten Dunst this past weekend at the LACOSTE Live event. They both appeared to be having a great time as they smiled for the camera,and Kirsten looked great. I haven’t seen her in a while.

According to sources, the big Lacoste Live event was in celebration of the recent 2011 Coachella Music Arts Festival. Alexander went there with Kirsten Dunst and Malin Akerman. It was apparently held at a desert pool party. Read more »

Deborah Ann Woll Revealed New True Blood Season 4 Jessica Spoilers

Deborah Ann Woll revealed new True Blood season 4 Jessica Spoilers. According to True-blood news, True Blood,vampire Jessica Hamby star Deborah Anne Woll recently shed out a some more spoiler teaser info for her character,while promoting a new film she’s in called “Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You.” She revealed how she prepared for her True Blood role,what’s coming up for Jessica in season 4,and more.

First, she said that they based Jessica’s character on reptiles instead of canines so she started researching reptiles,and revealed that vampires are a lot like snakes in that they’re cold blooded. Reptiles also shed their skin and appear ageless their whole lives,much like the vamps. Read more »

Lisa Revealed New Vampire Diaries,Season 2 Greta Witch Spoilers

Lisa revealed new Vampire Diaries,season 2 Greta Witch spoilers. According to Hollywood Life, actress Lisa Tucker is set to make her Vampire Diaries,season 2 debut tonight on episode 19,titled “Klaus,” and she threw out some new spoilers for her character Greta who is dead Luka’s sister.

First, she revealed that Greta isn’t going to be too pleased when she finds out that both her brother and father have been killed because of vampires. She will most likely take out some anger on Damon and Stefan. However,it hasn’t yet been revealed how she’ll present herself to the Salvatore brothers. Read more »

Disney’s Demi Lovato Revealed She Used To Throw-Up Blood & More

Disney’s Demi Lovato revealed she used to throw-up blood & more. According to Hollywood Life,Disney starlet Demi Lovato had a lot more problems than truly meets the surface. She’s recently given a couple of very candid interviews of late,revealing some shocking details from her past,including throwing up blood from Bulimia.

She recently told People magazine that she used to only eat two meals a week when she was 15 years old ,but wouldn’t lose weight because her body adjusted to it. In response, she tried laxatives,fasting,and nothing worked so she tried throwing up. At her worst, she threw up five times a day,and did it so hard that there was just blood in the toilet. Crazy! Read more »

Julie Wolfe Got Voted Off ‘Survivor 22:Redemption Island’ In Episode 10

julie wolfe in survivor 22 image
Julie Wolfe got voted off ‘Survivor 22:Redemption Island’ in episode 10. Tonight’s episode kicked off with scenes from last week’s episode when Mike and David got voted off the island to join Matt on Redemption Island. Then they showed more commentary footage with David and Mike joining Matt at Redemption Island. They were wondering how three people would have a duel.

Back at the main game,Steve expressed how weird he thought Phillip was. After the break, they showed more commentary footage. Phillip continued to complain about the food. Next, they showed Matt,Mike,and David’s Redemption Island duel footage,while the rest of the main tribemembers watched. Read more »